Conway Duplex Tenant Move Out

Corey: What’s up, y’all? It is Corey with Clear Property Management. We are at a duplex in Conway, Arkansas. The tenants that were here, I believe they were here for probably about five years, give or take. Needless to say or whatever, they just left. I think they were in a tiff about some stuff…

How to Generate Cash Flow With Multi-Family Properties in Conway

Savvy investors generate significant cash flow and create reliable income streams by investing in multi-family properties. Along with these benefits, multi-family properties serve to scale a portfolio faster, building wealth and providing leverage for further expansion. In addition, multi-family properties offer an excellent vehicle for diversifying your real estate holdings. Adding diversity to your real … Continued

Rehabbed Little Rock Rental

Speaker 1: What is up y’all? It is Corey with Clear Property Management. We are at 6612 Bluebird Drive in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is a house that we are, well, the owners are actually redoing to get this thing rent ready. So this thing was actually in pretty good shape, but honestly there was…

The Ultimate Tax Guide for Real Estate Investors in Conway

Real estate investments make a great tax shelter. Experienced real estate investors will tell you that it’s much less expensive to consult a professional to help you avoid unnecessary headaches, legal expenses, and financial losses. Understanding the nuances of the tax laws designed to benefit real estate investors is essential to help realize the maximum … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Buy a Short-Term Rental in Conway

Why not consider adding short-term rentals to your real estate investment holdings? If you’re interested in building a healthy portfolio and realizing fantastic investment returns. In that case, there’s no better time than the present to begin your journey into buying short-term rental properties. So read on as we explore five reasons you shouldn’t wait … Continued

What Commercial Investment Buyers Need to Know About Buying Mixed-Use Properties in Little Rock

There is an intersection between two types of properties, typically commercial and residential investments, and occasionally, you’ll find them with a mix including industrial units known as mixed-use. Mixed-use properties typically involve buildings with industrial, retail, or office space on the ground floor and residential spaces on the upper floors.  Unfortunately, investors often overlook this … Continued

6 Ways to Find Deals on Little Rock Investment Properties

Adding investment properties to your portfolio is a no-brainer in today’s economy. While it pays to invest, you don’t want to spend too much or put your money into a niche that isn’t right for you. Many investors are looking for deals on Little Rock real estate, and we’re here to let you know exactly … Continued

Little Rock Home For Tornado Relief

Speaker 1: What’s up you all? Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at 6 Brookside Circle here in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is another one of those homes where we can basically offer it out to the people that were affected on these tornadoes. This owner right here is willing to do six-month leases.…

3 Creative Ways to Invest in Conway Real Estate

Building a real estate portfolio is an excellent way to build wealth and security for you and your family. Investing in Conway can go beyond buying a single-family home, duplex, or apartment building. There are many great ways to creatively invest in the Conway real estate market. Whether you focus on land, mobile homes, partnerships, … Continued

Rent Ready Home in Little Rock Arkansas

Corey: Hey guys, it is Corey with Clear Property Management again. We are at 1324 North Point Circle in Little Rock, Arkansas. The reason why I am doing this video is because we are trying to help out displaced families for the tornado that came through Little Rock last Friday. This is a home that…

5 Mistakes New Conway Real Estate Investors Often Make

Making mistakes is how we learn. Making mistakes is what helps us grow. Every great investor has made a mistake or two along the way. It is nothing to be embarrassed about or try to cover up. It is a part of the business, and it happens to everyone. Below, we offer up some of … Continued

Little Rock Rental That Is Almost Ready

Speaker 1: Good morning. My name is Corey, with Clear Property Management. We are dealing with a lot of displaced families from the tornado that hit Little Rock. I guess that was last Friday, but a lot of people are looking for rentals right now. Some six month rentals, some nine, twelve months type things.…

How to Create Generational Wealth for Your Family in Little Rock

Creating generational wealth for your family is a buzzword we have been hearing about for a while. For many, the thought was always to build wealth, but now people are now becoming more focused on what they can leave behind for future generations. Many parents are spending their time, working hard to ensure a bright … Continued

How to Buy Conway Real Estate Investment Properties Using Your IRA

Have you considered using your IRA to buy real estate investment properties? For those who like being in the driver’s seat, a significant plus is that self-directed IRAs give you more control than the Traditional or Roth IRA investment options, adding much-desired diversity to your holdings in alternative assets.  If you would like to take … Continued

New Rental Home Walk Through In Little Rock

Cory Cox: What is up y’all? It is Cory Cox with Clear Property Management. We are at our latest investor purchase, is the best way of saying it. One of our out-of-state investors just purchased this three bed, two bath home, I believe, home here in Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s located right there off kind…