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Passionate about helping investors avoid the stresses of portfolio management. We provide you the true reason you became an investor….passive income.

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About Clear Property Management LLC

We provide real estate investors a one-stop-shop for all of their investment needs. We handle everything from the acquisition to daily maintenance to the most profitable exit strategy for your home or portfolio.

How We Work With Property Owners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of the onboarding is, how quickly we can get you into our system, etc. then please give us a call or send a text today!
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Who Am I?

Well, that’s actually an interesting question to ask! What most people would say is “I’m a hardworking real estate agent that will take care of you and get you the most money for your house or the lowest price if you are the buyer.” While that is the logical answer for all real estate agents, it isn’t exactly my whole story.

If I could answer in one word: Therapist

Why therapist? Life! I’m a therapist with a real estate background. Life happens and I get that and I have had my fair share of life with hopefully many more life moments in my future. Everything isn’t always X to Y and that’s why I believe every situation shouldn’t be treated in an umbrella-like, one-size-fits-all type atmosphere.

Divorice? Home down-sizing? Kids going to college? Relocating for a job? Medical needs? Less maintenance? Vacation home? Home with a view?

Let’s talk about it first!

If you need to sell fast then great!  We can do that. When do you need it sold by and we can hit that deadline.

Kids got accepted to college? Congrats! Let’s find somewhere close by campus in a safe place for them to learn!

Job has you moving in 2 weeks across the county and you need a couple of things done before you can sell? I’m here to help! Let’s go over a list of things you need done and I can help with the maintenance so you can worry about your next chapter in your life.  I have connections with licensed contractors in the area to serve all needs you have.

Goal: Making the home buying, selling or management process a joy for everyone. Not stressful.

Personal Life:

I am a Conway, Arkansas native and I know the Central Arkansas area like the back of my hand. I intend to use that to my advantage in being able to quickly and accurately know neighborhoods and areas in which would make the best sense for you to be able to start your new endeavor in whatever life throws at you.

After attending the University of Central Arkansas, I was bit by the real estate bug. Anything and everything real estate I was absolutely consumed with! At first, I had no idea what I was doing but after hundreds of hours of education, reaching out for guidance from family and friends I finally pulled the trigger and purchased my first home!

One Word – Hooked

I loved it! From updating lighting, to color schemes, to even the ugliest of maintenance issues, deep down I couldn’t get enough because I loved the whole process of real estate. After settling into that house, I expanded out into rental properties where I own and manage a handful myself. Loved it even more! All that did was solidify my love for real estate and want to expand some of my systems to help serve others.

Although I do spend a lot of my time in the real estate niche, I do find time for some of my other passions including being active, traveling and giving back to my community.

My goal is to run races all over the world and be able to compete at a high level the entire time.

From Ashley, Nala and myself, I would love to be able to help with the buying, selling and property management that you and your family needs.

Never hesitate to call! I would love to be your real estate therapist!

Cory R. Cox