Vilonia Rental Home Soon To Be On Market

Vilonia Rental Home Soon To Be On Market
Hey, what’s up, y’all? It is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at another fantastic rental home. It’s actually located in Vilonia, Arkansas. It is a three bedroom, two bath home that is pretty well updated. I’m not real sure the year on it, but it’s fairly new, established neighborhood, kind of in the downtown type area of Vilonia. I’m not entirely sure what we will list this for yet, but I was going to kind of show y’all the current condition of it. It is in fantastic shape. Whoever gets this home is going to be extremely, extremely excited!

Kind of coming in here, here’s your front door, here’s your main entrance to your living room. Looking in the backyard, it’s got a good sized backyard. Nothing over the top or anything, but it’s decent sized for this neighborhood. It is also fully fenced in. I believe the owner is open to having pets, but I’m not entirely sure on that. Here’s kind of your kitchen area, dining room which features newer appliances. Fridge is brand new, obviously. The range and the microwave is not, but the washer and dryer are newer, so that’s awesome. Kind of got your pantry and everything else like that in here. Garage is that way.

Coming back through, all of the bedrooms are on this side of the house. We have got bedroom one right here, good sized and carpeted in all the bedrooms. Bedroom two right here. I will say that they are are walk-in closets for everything, which is a definite plus. Kind of got a little storage area as well. Here is your shared bathroom for both from bedrooms. Like I said, everything is pretty newer and here is your master bedroom. Little bit more updated, a little bit bigger size as well. I would probably bet this is probably about a 15 by 15 room, but yes, it is in great shape. Then you got a much larger sized closet in here. There’s your toilet in that room.

Yes, it will be coming on the market. Our timeline on this stuff was I came over here probably a couple weeks ago. I hollered at the owner and I said, “Hey owner, these are the kind of things that I see and the kind of things that I would address.” They then went on those suggestions and got basically everything done, which is awesome, kudos to them but now that I’ve done my second walkthrough and everything looks to me in good shape, I will be passing this along to my photographer. He will then get this on his schedule, get some pictures made, and we will get this thing out there for rent. Super excited! This will be a really nice home in a great area.

If you know anybody looking for rentals in the Vilonia, Arkansas market, please holler at me. If you are an owner or an investor that has rental properties in Vilonia, Arkansas, give us a call. I would love to have that conversation to see if we would be a good property management group for you and your business. Holler at us. Let me know. Thanks.

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