UAMS Little Rock Rental

UAMS Little Rock Rental
Hey, everybody, it is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at a house in Little Rock, Arkansas. The owner just transferred to our company from a different property management company. I really don’t know the exacts of why or anything else like that but the other company just dropped off the keys for our group, and we are now touring this house.

The location that we are at is on H Street in Little Rock, so it’s in a great location over here. Kind of by Midtown, everything else like that. Love the location. It’s kind of got a little bit of a busier street right there on the main drag right there, but it’s really not terrible but it just is not in a true subdivision type manner.

So I’m going to show y’all this house. There is no electricity on as I assume the other property management company probably just disconnected it, so we’re going to have to connect that back up because, first of all, we need lights in there. But second of all, it is about to get hot again in Arkansas. It has been absolutely terribly hot the past few days. It’s a lot. But anyway, so we’re going to do that as soon as we leave here.

Like I said, I’m going to have my flashlight toshow y’all some of this stuff, but here’s your entry which comes in a little small little hallway. Got a little closet right there. Here is your living room. Love the back deck area. Not a gigantic backyard, but a good size backyard right there. It looks like it’s fully fenced as well.

Coming in here, that leads out to your carport. Got a little pantry in here so you can put some food in there with the HVAC and everything else.

And here is your kitchen. Love it. It is just a super good-looking house right here. Stainless steel appliances, everything looks fantastic. Oh, I didn’t even notice that earlier.

Coming through, here is your shared bath. You can see it’s all tiled up nice and pretty. Beautiful, beautiful.

This is bedroom one right here. I love the flooring, all the fixtures. Decent size closet.

Bedroom number two right here. Love the shelving. You can make that look really nice with some things on it. You can kind of see your hooks where you can do that.

And here is your primary bedroom. Really good size master bedroom. And your primary bathroom. This is basically the exact same way the shared bathroom looks, but there’s just no light in there. It has some good little shelving, with awesome fixtures. Good for your bath towels. Also, here is the closet for the primary too as well. A good sized one.

But yes, like I said, this thing is in fantastic shape, which makes my job a whole lot easier. So the plan is now we’re going to get the electric on. I’m going to discuss with the owner on what we believe true fair market rent will be. Once we discuss that, in the meantime, I’m going to go ahead and call our photographer, get our photographer heading out this way, once the lights are on, of course, and then get on his schedule. And basically then, once the pictures come back, we will have this thing on the market and ready to go. So again, love this place, great location, cute house. It is ready to go. So we are super excited about that.

Anyways, if you need anything from a rental, if you are an owner or an investor in the central Arkansas area, especially in Little Rock, Conway, Benton, Cabot, whatever it may be, we would love to have that conversation with you. If you’re using a different property management company, we would love to have that conversation with you to make sure that your needs as an investor are being filled at this time. Like I said, this is your home. We are just the managers of it. We want to make sure that it performs well for you, because if you have a good, happy tenant that is paying, that makes your life easier, which in turn makes my life easier. It is all a win-win-win for all right there. So, if you got any questions, give us a call. We would love to help. Thanks.

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