Tenant Placement in Bryant Arkansas

Tenant Placement in Bryant Arkansas
Good morning, it is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at 1100 Alpine Court in Bryant, Arkansas. We are actually doing a tenant placement today, which is always a fun day because everybody is always excited, happy to make new chapters in their lives, whatever it may be. So I’m about to meet them over here.

But anyways, just kind of going through some of the stuff before the lease signing we actually do checks on everything. So I just wanted to kind of show you all some of that stuff.

So just prime example right there we will go through the rental property, make sure all the sinks are functioning, make sure you got hot water, cold water, everything else. Of course with the appliances we’re making sure all that is good and bedrooms and stuff like that. Another thing we look for is just making sure all the bulbs are in good shape, everything is working and ready to go. This house in particular was in fantastic shape, so this thing was a very easy turn for us. But yes, making sure all toilets are flushing, sinks are not leaking underneath or anything else like that, but really that is about it. This particular property does have a washer and dryer as well, so that’s actually an added bonus for them. Master bathroom, huge closet in here, and the master shower.

So yeah, so that’s really our main thing, we definitely do it before we list the property to make sure everything is good, functioning and in good condition before putting it up for rent. But in kind of that lull time between whenever we list it, applications got put in and then we verify them out, and then place them. We will come back over here, do one more quick once over so that way we know hey, everything’s in great condition and good to go before giving the tenant their keys.

Oh, one other thing I did do as well and is a big factor in this Arkansas weather is replacing the good old air filter. We document all this stuff so that way the air filters are all documented. Every three months our group comes around and we change out the air filters for our owners. We just charge them back for all the material and labor, and then just make it good and easy for them. It actually gives us a chance to actually get inside the home, so if anything crazy is going on or anything else like that we’ve got somebody inside our group that is coming and putting eyes I guess in the common areas is I guess is the best way of saying that. Whenever year extensions come up, that’s whenever we do true full-blown inspections then at that point. But at least for the air filters, somebody is coming in, they know we’re coming in, and can kind of keep it in good condition if that makes sense.

So anyways, like I said, this house is beautiful. Absolutely love this flooring by the way. You can actually see right out there in the corner that they are actually building another home just around over there. But it’s always good to see new homes being built as it means this house will speculatively go up in value as people are kind of building and making areas nicer and stuff like that too.

So as always, if we can help you with any kind of property management needs for you as the owner or as the renter give us a call. We would love to be able to help you find your perfect home. If you are an investor looking for a property management company to help you out we would love to have that conversation as well to show our proven systems in helping you out as an investor. Anyways, hope y’all have a great day. Thanks.
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