Tenant Broke Lease in Conway Rental

Tenant Broke Lease in Conway Rental

It is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at a house in Conway Arkansas. So you want to own rental property, cool. This is the downsides of it. I will say that most of the time, majority of the time you’re not dealing with this stuff, but these are the times where people will focus on things like this, and it’s like, “Hey, this happens every time”, we deal with hundreds of properties and not all of it happens this way. It just is what it is.

But anyways, without giving you too much specifics on this, tenants were at this house, they were trying to find somebody to take over the lease. They sent us several different applicants, they were terrible. Sent in fake documents, everything like that. I will brag on our management company and just say, “Hey, we were able to spot all this stuff.” We do very good job at screening people. Are we perfect? Definitely not. But in this case we were able to kind of filter out through a lot of these people and didn’t move forward.

Long story short, they didn’t pay rent this month. It was the sixth, I then reached out to them, no response. Seventh, whatever. Finally, they responded and said, “Yeah, we just moved out.” So anyways, I’m at the house now, just kind of assessing and looking over this stuff. Could be a whole bunch worse to be honest with you. I’ve heard of horror stories where it’s real, real bad. Honestly, paint touch up throughout and that’s what you essentially need. I need a termination agreement sent to them and as soon as I get back to my computer, I’m going to send them a termination agreement. They will sign it, we will get utilities turned back on and we’ll be able to truly assess this place.

But looking at it, obviously you need a smoke detector battery, but just showing how it is right now. You’re in the living room right here. You can see paint touch up, paint touch up, paint touch up, paint touch up. Nothing major. Carpets look terrible. Definitely going to have to get them deep cleaned. I don’t even know how much you could get that super cleaned out, but some of these deep cleaners are really good, some are bad. You can see, just needs a new window screen, that’s minor.

Bathroom’s in pretty good shape, just needs a solid cleaning throughout. Coming back through here, kitchen. All the appliances are here, yay. Everything is good. I opened up that fridge and that is the number one mistake that you do not make. I closed it very quickly. Anyways, you can see some spots on the ground and I’m sure our cleaner will be able to clean all that up. Washer and dryer’s here. Nothing in there, no big issues. Like I said, it’s just paint touch up in a lot of these places right there.

Luckily this color is very neutral, so hopefully our painter, like I said, can kind of mix and match some of this stuff to make it look a little bit better. Like I said, just needs this good solid cleaning and the carpets look terrible. And then your front bedroom, again, deep clean the carpets and something else I noticed is there is glass that’s broke right there. It’s actually on the outside frame of it. So it’s not on the inside, you can’t feel it. These things are double paned. So obviously something shattered that on the outside. Up to the owner on replacement and stuff like that or if they just want to rock on and just be like, “Hey, that’s what happened”, before we place new tenants.

So anyways, long story short but that’s my thoughts. We’re going to get these utilities turned back on and I’m going to communicate this with the owner. We’re going to start getting this thing painted up, cleaned and everything else like that and back on the market. And hey, we’ll have a rental in East Conway Arkansas soon.

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