Rental Home Walkthrough in Conway Arkansas

Rental Home Walkthrough in Conway Arkansas
It’s Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at another home here in Conway, Arkansas. One of our out-of-state investors just bought this, actually, yesterday. So they got under management agreement with us and basically, what we do is we come in here, do a list of what needs to be done to get it ready. Some of this stuff’s a little bit subjective of course. There’s a couple little paint touch-ups that could happen. Not a hundred percent necessary, but it just depends on the owner and what they want to spend. We will list everything out, get that list over to the owners, and then they will decide, and we will go from there.

But anyways, just wanted to let you see this place. It is a newer construction home. Pretty nice little layout. There’s a living room, decent size. I guess this could be your kitchen area. Washer/dryer included in this rental. Got a two car garage in here. This is the front door right here that leads out. Got a little coat closet right there. Something we saw was, there’s no blinds up. Something else that’s a little bit different is, there’s no fan up here in these bedrooms. I would personally love to have a fan in my house but, obviously, that’s not a necessity. This one’s the same way too. Got a decent little closet. Here is the shared bathroom for both bedrooms.

Like I said, this is a new construction home, so it really helps out a lot. See? This is another little thing right there. You can see it if I back up, you can see those little blemishes right there on the walls. Not a hundred percent necessary to get that fixed but at the same time, it’s just completely up to the owner. My ultimate suggestion would probably be, let’s roll with it this first time but just know that next time, once we truly have a tenant in here, then it’s going to have to be repainted. See, that right there doesn’t look great. You can see where the bed was just laying right there. This is the master in here and here is the master bath. Got some double sinks.

Like I said, newer construction home and it is pretty nice. You can see the backyard. The backyard really ain’t too big. On these Rausch Coleman homes, they pretty much just stacked them all in here, just as quick as possible, or as much as they could in here. But, it’s a newer home. They shouldn’t have a lot of problems out of this for many years. We’ll just go over here. There’s dogs next door, and every single time I go outside they flip out. You can see all newer homes are just around the corner. But, it’ll be good enough for rental, and that’s all that really matters. But anyways, like I said, if you ever need any property management needs in the central Arkansas area, especially here in Conway, this is where we are based. If you need any help, just give us a holler. Thanks.

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