Rental Home in Maumelle Arkansas

Rental Home in Maumelle Arkansas

What is up, everybody? It is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at two brand new construction homes here in Maumelle, Arkansas. One of our owners just purchased these to rent out. They are actually side by side, brand new Rausch Coleman Homes that we’re going to start marketing for rent. We’re actually having pictures taken tomorrow even though this thing isn’t completely, completely ready. The sod is not here yet, and if you’re familiar with Arkansas, we have just had so much rain here lately. It’s just ridiculous.

But yeah, just let me flip this around. See, there’s some straw everywhere. Actually, what I like about these right here is, you’ve got that little buffer of wooded area. Obviously, the property line probably just goes, I don’t know if you can see the stake in the ground right there, but it’s probably just right there all the way through. But you’ve got a little buffer between you and that neighborhood back there in the back, which will be nice.

But yeah, so he bought this house, and the house right actually next door. But as you can see, it is brand spanking new, in fantastic shape, very spacious. Four bedroom, two bathrooms. Here’s your primary bedroom coming through here. One sink, which is fine. Honestly, they go back and forth between the one sink and the two sink right there. I think it’s fine having the one sink. I would rather have the one sink and have a little bit more counter space than to have less counter space and have another sink. So I actually agreed with that. But obviously, it is dealer’s choice on that. A huge primary closet and a little bit of storage.

But yeah, so these Rausch Coleman Homes, they’re all not like this, to be honest with you. There are no blinds in here, as well as fans in, I guess, any of the bedrooms as well as this living room right here. There is no fridge. So the fridge got put in brand new, the fan got put in brand new. Obviously, that fan too, as well. You can see the lights on. But anyways, and then none of the blinds were here whenever they purchased this place. But microwave and range were here. There’s also a brand new washer and dryer. So I always say this is about 50/50 on if you need to include those or not. It’s just really up to the owner, whatever you want to do. But anyways, so got that. Like I said, another one fan installed in here, good-sized closet. Coming in here, that was bedroom two, and I guess this is the bedroom three, the shared bathroom, and bedroom four.

Another thing on these Rausch Coleman Homes is, they do not paint the garage or put a motor on the garage. So this motor was actually installed, bought, from the owner, to make the garage function. This is really odd to me. I don’t understand that concept, but it is all good. Like I said, our painter came through and painted up these garages as well, and they are in fantastic shape now. So while the paint in here is not a necessity, obviously your garage motor is. I think you can get those for around 800 bucks, something like that, with everything installed with your garage clickers and everything else like that.

Your fans and stuff like that are not have-tos either. They have those puck lightings. That’s actually in the spot of those. So the handyman just took that puck lighting down, put those fans back up, and then they were good to go. But it is Arkansas. It does get humid. I personally have to have the fan on, I don’t care if it’s 0 degrees or 100 degrees, I got to sleep with my fan on. So that’s just my personal preference. But it is what it is.

But like I said, this house is in great shape. We’re actually going to rent this thing out for around $2,000, somewhere around there. The photographer’s going to be here tomorrow and we’re going to go ahead and take pictures of this, even though the grass is not in, but the pictures will just obviously say, “Hey, sod’s coming” in the description. But we just don’t want to wait a month or a month and a half or whatever it may be on this sod before we actually put this thing out there. Let’s go ahead and get it out there. Let’s get some people in here and get it for rent or get tenants placed then at that point so that way they can start enjoying this house. Then it’s actually going to be perfect because sod will then come in and spring’s coming up. So it’s going to look fantastic here shortly.

So anyways, with that, I just wanted to show you some new houses coming up in the Maumelle area. If you are looking to rent or you are looking for someone to manage your investment property in Central Arkansas, Clear Property Management would love to help you. Reach out to us. Call or text us at 501-642-0202. Give us a shout as we’d love to help. Thanks.

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