Rental Home Checkup After Winter Storm

Rental Home Checkup After Winter Storm
Hey y’all, it is Cory with Clear Property Management. I wanted to jump on here just for a second and show you that we are having crazy weather here in Arkansas. It has been, I guess, single digits, the past two days now. I believe that we’ll have single digits again tomorrow, but after that it’s finally supposed to get above freezing. Got some good old snow out here.  It’s just this cold weather, it’s just ridiculous. Arkansas is just not made for this winter stuff. The ones that are watching from up north, y’all are probably laughing at us for sure because we only got a few inches of snow, but yeah, we’re just not made for temperatures this way.
So anyways, I wanted to just kind of jump on here and just kind of show what we’re doing. We are going through all our vacant homes and checking to make sure everything is good to go. We have obviously let all our faucets drip, making sure they’re dripping, making sure no water is underneath in the cabinets. Also, just checking the ceilings and stuff like that to make sure there is no leaks or anything. But yes, this is just one of those homes. Another good thing to check is making sure heat’s going good. So far in our stuff, we’ve had one frozen pipe and we got some heaters for them. Hopefully they’re all doing good and everything else. Also on another rental property, we had an HVAC go out, or I guess the heat, and we’ve got some space heaters for them too as well. So their house is currently 70-some degrees right now, so they’re actually doing real good with those space heaters.
Anyways, we’re emailing our tenants and staying on top of tenant communication. We’ve got handymen, plumbers, HVAC people, everybody on standby just in case emergency situations happen. We started emailing our tenants on Tuesday, and we have sent daily emails to them at least once a day just reminding them of the dos and don’ts, and what to look for, and to stay vigilant and weather aware. Anyways, like I said, I just wanted to kind of show you what good old Arkansas weather is like. I think it’s going to be in the sixties here in about a week. So hopefully we don’t get all sick from all the weather changing. So have a great day.
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