Rent Ready Home in Little Rock Arkansas

Rent Ready Home in Little Rock Arkansas

Hey guys, it is Cory with Clear Property Management again. We are at 1324 North Point Circle in Little Rock, Arkansas. The reason why I am doing this video is because we are trying to help out displaced families for the tornado that came through Little Rock last Friday. This is a home that we do have. It’s actually on market right now, so there are pictures online. It is currently listed at $1,600 per month, $1,600 deposit.

With this tornado, there’s a lot of people looking for six-month or nine-month type ordeals with their insurance companies. This particular owner right here is open to those discussions. Every single one of our owners are different on the premium that they’re actually doing. So ultimately, if you do a 12-month lease, then yes, $1,600, it’s ready to go for you. If you’re wanting to do outside of those term limits, then these owners are willing to work with you, but it just varies on whatever that amount is.

Obviously, another deciding factor or unsure factor is pets, too. Normally they charge $50 per pet per month added to the base rent. So if you’ve got one dog and you sign a 12-month lease, instead of $1,600 a month, it is $1,650 a month. Deposit stays the same. But again, I’m not going to try and tell you exact numbers until I hear your specific situation, and then I will go to the owners and say, “Hey, person has this type of situation, are you open to that? Blah, blah, blah.”

But anyways, I wanted to show you this house and do a video walkthrough of it. I know there’s so much craziness going on right here, so I figured this would be the best way of doing it. It’s a large corner lot is where we’re at. Corner lot at North Point and Northwick Circle in Little Rock. It does have a fully fenced in backyard. It’s nothing huge or anything else like that but the lot is big, but the backyard is not.

Here’s the backyard. But it is fully fenced in, so you could have some dogs here if you needed to and not have to worry about them. There was obviously some damage to some other homes in the area, but this one was actually fine, which is great news. So coming in the front door, here’s your living room and dinner area. Here’s your kitchen, breakfast bar. This one does have all appliances. So you can see there is a washer and dryer present here in this back room, so it does have her washer and dryer, stove, fridge, dishwasher, everything. So that leads to the back deck. Coming back through the hallway. Here is your shared bathroom. This is bedroom one, closet. Bedroom two, closet. And this is your master bedroom. Bigger closet in there as well as another closet type area right here too as well.

Like I said, this thing is available now, so it is ready to go. Your downtime would be really short. All we need is a deposit and once we have your deposit that basically secures your home for you. You can then move in within a two-week type period after that. If you need to get your insurance agents involved or whatever it may be, I know everybody’s going through a lot right now, so we’re here to help. Just let us know how and let me know. Have a great day.

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