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Quick Rehab in Little Rock - Clear Property Management
We are at the latest project. We are in Little Rock right now, right off Rodney Parham. One of our investor friend, he actually got this house. It’s not even one of ours or anything like that. It’s not even one of our listings or anything, but we do help our investors do some different things. As for me, I’m not a true general contractor, so I can’t pull permits and stuff like that but I can get investors in touch with general contractors if they need to. But small projects like this right here I kind of do the management of those projects.

We’re going to go through this just real quick, see what we’ve got going on. Right when you come in the house, got a nice little staircase right there. This will be your formal area, or I guess your living room. One of the requests on there is he’s wanting to remove this little track lighting in there. I admit, that’s kind of odd, but is what it is. As you can see though, something that the next owner’s going to have to do is there’s no light fixture in here. So they’re either going to have to do lamps, whatever, which will be perfectly fine. But go in here, here’s your dining room, got some updated fixtures.

Move yourself in here to a huge kitchen, it goes into the, I guess, the main living room right there. Couple things that we’re doing in here is we are replacing the stove as well as the dishwasher. This rehab right here, like I said, it’s not a lot. He’s basically just wanting to get it right back on the market just as quickly as possible. But we are addressing some things that came in his inspection report, so that way at least those are done, and then whoever buys this, they can just get it and roll on out. Got a little half bath in here downstairs and there’s the front door. Got a nice little two-car garage in here.

Another one of the things that he’s wanting done is this little casing right here. It’s kind of been rotted out, kind of see right through there. Basically, the whole casing’s going to have to be replaced. It’s all one piece. I mean, that whole thing’s going to have to be replaced, which is sad, just for that rotted piece right there but you can actually see exactly what’s going on. If you look right here, rainy old day, you see everything’s kind of sloping in right there. So I’m sure water eventually just sits right there, hence why it’s rotted. But that was another thing that just came back on the inspection report. We’re going to get that addressed and replace that out.

Everything else, getting some of these personal items out. We shall go upstairs. You can see where that’s going. All the bedrooms are upstairs, which some people don’t mind, some people do. Right when you get to the top, you got a large master in here. I mean, this thing’s ginormous. Got to add a smoke detector in here, but that’s about it for this. Like I said, it’s not a very updated bathroom or anything like that but he’s just wanting to get it on out there.

Another thing for me that isn’t on the inspection report you can see we got a little leak, little drip, drip going on right here. That was something I saw whenever I was going through. Called the owner and sent him as little video of it. I was like, “Hey, man, you got a little leak right here… or not a leak. You just got a drip. You want to replace that too and add that to the scope of work?” He said, “Yes, sir. I appreciate you catching that.” So that’s cool. Got a little access to the roof if you want to hang out on the roof.

This is the community bathroom right here. Like I said, it’s just outdated. That’s okay. Getting it right back on the market. Coming through again, got bedroom two, bedroom three, got to get that couch out of here, and bedroom four. Like I said, it’s not going to be too bad. We’re going to get it all professionally cleaned up and be good to go. But yeah, should be a pretty simple project. Nice community, nice houses everywhere, so that’s always good. Somebody will definitely eat this up and be willing to paint it and do the work to it.

Anyways, but just wanted to show y’all all this stuff. I’ll be updating y’all throughout this whole thing. Oh, yeah, and so this track lighting, he wanted to keep that track lighting right there, which I agree. That way you can just have some lights up here in the upstairs hallway. But downstairs, yeah, probably just doesn’t look as good, but we’re going to replace that too. Like I said, I think it’s got 13 items or 14 items on the to-do list and it’ll be something easy for us to do. But I’ll update y’all as we get ready. That’s it.

We at Clear Property Management LLC are helpful to investors in the Little Rock market by getting homes up to par before putting them on the market or getting a tenant ready to move-in. We can handle it all from small rehabs like or this or bigger scale ones where a true general contractor will need to be involved. Regardless, give Clear Property Management LLC a call today at 501-642-0202 for all your project or property management needs in Little Rock.
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