Property Management Final Check

Property Management Final Check
Corey Cox:
What’s up, y’all? Cory Cox. I’m here at 2340 Linda Drive. We are getting this ready to place a tenant actually on Sunday. They’re signing actually just a little bit earlier or whatever, but anyway, so I just want to jump on here real quick.

We just now got our first rain in probably like, shoot, couple months now. It’s been super, super dry in Arkansas and I happened to notice right before we were placing this I was kind of doing my overview of it all. The gutters right here on this backside were just super clogged up. I mean, it was just overflowing. Whenever the water would come off the roof right there, it was just kind of flow off. You would say that’s not good for your foundation, for everything right there. But I went ahead and brought my ladder over here, got it all fixed up, got everything all cleaned out. Didn’t even let the owner know or anything.

So, if you’re ever looking for a property management company that’s just doing those little things here and there because I guarantee you no other property management company, especially here in Conway, is doing any sort of small task like that for free.

Will the owner know about it? Probably not. Will the tenant know about it? Probably not. All I’m doing for is for this two-minute video right here on YouTube.

Not to brag, but just find you a good property management company that sees and just is willing to do stuff like this for you. It’ll eventually pay off. Good karma always does. Have a good day.

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