Pre Listing Showing of Little Rock Rental

Pre Listing Showing of Little Rock Rental

Hey y’all, it’s Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at 64 St. Thomas Court in Little Rock. It is a rental that we, well, it’s a soon to be rental. We just got it cleaned, everything’s good to go. Was going to kind of do a tour of that to kind of see how it’s all going. I’ve got my photographer coming tomorrow afternoon and then we will go live shortly after that. So anyways, this is what it looks like. So I’m just coming in here, kind of got a grand entrance with your stairs. I guess this would be your formal dining room. We’ve got just a double living room, I guess essentially right here if you wanted to, but I love this. Put some canned lighting in here, everything is good. Very bright with all the windows and whatnot. Got another half bath in here. Let’s go ahead and go outside so that way you can see that.

I love the deck. The deck is fantastic. You’ve got three levels of decking and it hasn’t got a ton of backyard space, but it does have some. But I just love all of the decking where you could have tons of gatherings if you so choose. Anyways, coming through here, got the double oven, which I’m highly jealous of. Washer and dryer. Got another little pantry right there and there’s your garage. So actually something that the owner did, this used to be an office right here, but they decided that there wasn’t a lot of pantry space, so they went ahead and got all that out and put some shelving in here, which I think is a fantastic idea. Got another little coat closet here as well. Just going to go up the stairs.

Got a Jack and Jill bedroom and bathroom. Got a decent sized closet in there. Here is the shared bathroom. Shower, toilet. Here is bedroom number two in here. Got another closet over there. It’s nothing huge or anything, but good size. Here is the master, which they put some more canned lighting in here. It’s a good size. And then coming into the master bath, double vanity. Got a little jacuzzi right here, toilet and master shower. It’s real nice and this is awesome. So the master closet, here you go right here. Talk about some closet space. My gosh. What’s so funny is you look at this door and literally that’s probably, I don’t know, two feet off the ground. But whenever you go through there, you’ve got your attic space right there, which is actually pretty nice because then you could use it as good storage. Everything’s all floored, so you could use it as storage and have easy access to it instead of going up and down inside the ladder.

But anyways, that is it. It will be going, like I said, on the market in the next couple days, probably Wednesday, maybe Thursday at the absolute latest and hopefully it will go very quickly. This is an awesome neighborhood, centrally located, really nice area and stuff like that. So whoever gets this place is going to be extremely happy.

If you need anything for you being an investor rental wise, need property management or any kind of questions , just holler at me. I am Cory Cox with Clear Property Management. Thanks.

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