Pre Listing of Conway Rental Home

Pre Listing of Conway Rental Home
Hey, what’s up guys. It’s Cory Cox. We are at 2340 Linda Drive here in Conway, Arkansas. What we’re actually doing is I am getting this thing ready for pictures. Actually, I think they’re scheduled on Monday I believe. I’ll have to look at my calendar, but basically what we’re doing today is just going through this house, making sure everything’s ready, making sure everything’s picture-istic and ready to go.

The owner’s actually an out of state owner. She had managed this before for, I guess a couple years maybe. I’m not too sure. I guess it just got too much for them. They were wanting a more passive way of handling all this stuff. They found me on Google Business, reached out. I happened to know them through church years ago or whatever. So it was a small world type thing.

But anyway, so they’ve entrusted me on this. I think they’re in California somewhere or Nevada, I guess. So this is the first little go around with this owner right here. So basically what I do is whenever we meet and stuff, I go through a checklist. We’ve been going through email and texts on just what to do, what not to do, what they want, what they don’t want, blah, blah, blah. I’ve just been building out a owner profile on them. I make notes on that and I refer to that anytime that I’m dealing with either that owner or the property of that owner. So that way I can refer to that.

Obviously, when you start getting a lot of investors and stuff, things can run together and you don’t know who’s who and stuff like that. That owner profile sheet, yes it’s a pain to make and stuff like that and maintain. But man, it helps me out so much because I want to remember all the nuances on investors. Some investors are more passive and it’s like hey, don’t email me. I had one of our investors actually yesterday, I told them that I had a feeling that a tenant was going to move out. Anyways I told him that and he was like, well, that’s why I got you here for. You’re a hundred percent correct, man. I was just letting you know that it’s probably going to be happening. Just trying to keep you on the up and up but clearly he doesn’t like to be communicated that much and that’s fine. Hey, that is why I’m here and that’s why I’m here to do what I do.

So anyways, so going through this place, show y’all how it is. It’s a nice little house. It’s over here on the north side of Conway. Good size living room. So first thing that we did is right here on the carpet, it was all frayed up. It was probably when people were coming in, they were just ticking it and ticking it and it just started fraying up. Happened to call my general contractor Landon and he happened to get his flooring guy out here to come out here and look at this. Well, this floor guy was able to come in and stretch that carpet out. So that way it’s got a great bead line right there.

Originally the owner was planning on replacing all of this with laminate. Clearly that’s your best overall option right there. But by the way that the carpet looks right now, my opinion is hey, it can at least go through one more set of tenants right there. If they happen to spill something, whatever it may be, that’s okay. You’re going to rip it out. Let’s put some new laminate or LVP down or whatever it may be and you’re good to go later on. So obviously right here in the very beginning, just by using us in having our set of contractors and stuff like that, that was able to save them a few thousand dollars just right here on the get go. I just wanted to say that. The previous tenants that were in here, they broke the ice maker. So I’ve got a new bucket coming in. A complete bucket system is what the man said and we got that coming in. Everything’s on back order right now. So that’s not going to be here till next week.

Let me say this real quick, too. Property managers, please change out the light bulbs. These were all different colors right here. Maybe I’m just a little OCD and stuff like that. Just go get a big old thing of light bulbs and just go change them. It’s not going to kill you. I guess it just bothers me because… I understand, you’re in a business and stuff like that, and you’re trying to make the best profit possible. That’s on the owner, this is the owner’s house and everything. I do, I get that, but the exact same time too, it’s just go buy it and just go do it. You know what I’m saying? It just makes you look that much just a little bit better in my eyes. Just a little bit better. The exact same thing. Right whenever I get through making this video and stuff like that, I’m going to come in here and I’m going to vacuum everything ’cause I know pictures are getting taken. Everything’s in great shape right now. Everything’s good. But if you could just have those lines in there and the vacuum and stuff like that, I just think it looks so much better. But anyways, maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m just weird. Maybe I’m causing too much work on myself, but that is one thing that us at Clear Property Management will be sure to do for you on your homes and stuff like that. It’s just little nuances. But anyway, sorry, I got on a tangent right there.

Like I said, coming through here. Here’s a master. Like I said, this house, it was built in 2009 I believe. Yeah. It’s in great shape. They took great care of it. Large master closet right here. So it’s real nice. The owner’s father-in-law is actually going to come out here and they are going to restain this deck. It’s really not in that bad of shape in my opinion. But I mean, they got a huge deck out here. I mean, this thing is awesome. I wish I had this at my house. I’ve got a little balcony at my house or whatever, but it ain’t got nothing like this.

So anyways, another little thing that we had on my checklist items, there was a bunch of tree limbs right there. Just sitting there touching or almost touching the roof right there. I got my yard guy to come over here and clip all those back. Everything should be good right there. He shaped a little bit of these bushes, got all the leaves cleaned up, got it all mowed. He did a fantastic job on the flower beds. God, these crepe myrtles were just nuts right here. He got them all trimmed up, got some new mulch down. We are rocking and rolling. That thing right there was up in the soffit right there. I think it was about two or three years overdue right there.

So anyways, I just wanted to kind of just touch base with y’all and see what we’re doing. Like I said, we’ve got this thing. It’ll be getting ready. I got pictures on Monday. Once the pictures get done, I will probably post it out by Tuesday and I’m hoping that we’ll be able to have tenants in here by the end of next week. If not, then we might be getting really close. I know the first is on, I think the following Monday right there I think’s when the first is. If that’s the case, that might be a great time to just hey, let’s come in on the first. It’ll a be a Monday right there. Let’s rock and roll. So anyways, that’s it. Cory Cox, Clear Property Management. Holler at us for any sort of property management needs you have in central Arkansas.

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