Post Tenant Move Out Inspection On Conway Rental

Post Tenant Move Out Inspection On Conway Rental
Hey y’all, it is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at 702 South Elizabeth Street here in Conway, Arkansas.

What we got going on here is, one of our tenants just moved out. They stayed here I think for three years I believe, or something like that. Fantastic location. It’s over here by the University of Central Arkansas. Great little area right here.

What I always like to do is do a video walkthrough after they move out to say, hey, you left the place, this is the condition it’s in. A unique situation that we have for this particular property is, I took over property management on this place after the tenants were actually in place.

So without going into too far detail with that, the owners used to live here in Conway and they moved off. They wanted a more local person to be able to handle their stuff, and they contacted me for that. So I say all that to say this, my typical format on the way that I do things is, I will video the property before the tenant takes possession so that way they can say, hey, that hole in the wall was there. Well, no it wasn’t because I’ve got a video of the place saying there was no hole in the wall. Now there’s a hole in the wall and you are liable for that hole. So it kind of helps out with the he said, she said type thing. And like I said, there’s nothing better than good pictures, or video evidence, or whatever it may be. So I’m a little old school in that fact.

But enough about me rambling right here, I’m going to kind of show you the walkthrough of it. It looks to be in pretty good condition right here in the initial walk-in right here. Kind of coming in here, here’s your front door. This is where the laundry is, right in here. You can kind of see it’s two big open spaces right here. I guess this could be your main living room, or kind of a sunroom type thing. Not a huge backyard or anything else like that, but got a little bit of storage, good condition.

Coming around here, and this is just basically storage in here. You can kind of see some scuffs up on the wall, stuff like that. Some things left over that was probably from the previous owner, as it was paint. But yeah, you can see some kind of scuffs on the wall, some little holes. Looks like you kind of got a little bit of a bigger hole right there, probably from that doorknob.

Coming back through this looks to be in pretty good shape. Dishwasher looks a little old but you can see it’s kind of taped up. Like I said, that’s one of those things you just don’t know what condition that was in beforehand or was it after tenant possession? You just don’t really know.

Small oven like I said but you can see a little bit better of that backyard now. Got some big old mature trees. Some more scuffs and here’s a better view of the laundry. Newer washer and dryer. Kind of got a little patio area as well in the backyard.

I asked him about the fireplace, and I was unsure exactly what he said. I’m unsure if he said if it was working or not, or if he just never used it, or what. Some of our owners, they do not let people burn inside the homes. Liability reasons, whatever it may be. And they just don’t let you do it. Some rental property owners don’t care, as long as it’s inspected and stuff like that.

Some kind of some outdated fixtures right there. But it looks to be in pretty good shape. Coming in here, to bedroom one you got a lot of closet space. Oh gosh, it’s going to need some cleaning but overall seems to be in pretty good shape. Some more storage. Kind of make this a little, extra little closet for somebody if you wanted to.

Bedroom two in here. Yeah, with him living here, I think he said three years. I mean, this is in pretty good shape. Got to see a little bit of small discoloration right there and a little messed up blind.

On the end, this is the master. Got a little holes up up top, probably where you had the curtain rods. Oh man, I need me a couple of those hangers. Looks like this door is catching. Yeah, you can see it’s off the hinge. So yeah, it just needs to be put on that hinge. Again, I don’t know if that’s something that was done before or after. Not real sure as I don’t have a video of the condition before the tenant took possession. Back through, forgot a towel. It is all good. Here’s a small little shower in here. Yeah, just needs to be cleaned up. Like I said, the hinge, stuff like that.

It doesn’t look to be in too bad of shape. Especially, like I said, somebody living here for three years they can sometimes be a little destructive. I think the actual owners are actually going to come back now, and just kind of do a post-inspection as well as do some repairs, basically, on their behalf of themselves. More power to them for doing their own work. Hey, it saves them some money or whatever. That way you’re actually putting eyes back on your property and everything else like that. So hey, however these owners want to do repairs is completely up to them. I’m easy going in the fact that they are welcome to mix or match how they want to address each issue. If you need vendors to be able to do some of these repairs and stuff like that, then we have plenty that we have used over the years.

A way that we kind of do their security deposit is, if I was involved in on something like this, it would say, you’ve got however much in your security deposit. So you’ve got a thousand dollars. So a couple of those things, like those touch up paints, that hinge right there, anything else that we may have found. Essentially you’ve got a thousand dollars, you’ve got this for the hinge repair, this for the spot paint, whatever it may be, and then whatever’s left at that point right there gets issued back out to the tenant. No extra money goes to me or anything else like that.

Some people will sometimes get irritated at me, like I’m keeping their money. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s no repairs or a million repairs. Honestly, we have professional vendors that do all that work, so no extra money is going in my pocket but I understand some people get a little offended sometimes, or not truly understand the process, I guess is the best way of saying that.

Anyways, but yeah, ultimately I think this place is in great shape. Going to get this thing fixed up, and then right back on the market. So a Conway home rental will be coming up here shortly. Y’all have a great day!

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