Newly Rehabbed Rental in Jacksonville

Newly Rehabbed Rental in Jacksonville

Good morning. It is Cory again with Clear Property Management. We are at a house in Jacksonville, Arkansas. This particular home, the owners are a brother and sister. Sadly, their mother had passed away, I don’t know a few months ago so they took possession of this house. They are an out of state family, I think they actually live on opposite ends of the country. We actually met them here with another agent. Their decision was whether they were going to sell it just kind of as is, fix it up and sell it, or fix it up and rent it, or rent it as is. There was a lot to do here.

I’m actually in the living room right now and it was not this way at all. Just very outdated. There is still some kind of dated features with the hardware and maybe a little bit of the lighting and stuff as well as the bathrooms are still with the tile. It’s still a little bit dated in that fact, but it is functional. It’s real cleaned up. But most of all, this place looks completely different right here. It’s amazing what some new light fixtures, as well as new countertops and whatnot does go a long way. I will switch this thing around and this is kind of your main, I don’t know, I guess living room, dining room, I don’t know. Kind of family room I guess is the best way of saying it. And you can really see the kitchen here as well.

So I love those countertops right there. They look fantastic. I think they blend perfectly with this hardware right there. It kind of gives it that old time vibe as well as just cleaning it up, making it look better. The contractors did a fantastic job on this place. It looks great. Those were actually originally there and they kind of brightened them up, painted them up, put new lighting in there to kind of really brighten it up. The backyard, you can really see it is not fully fenced in. It’s got fences all on the other sides of it but it just doesn’t have gates on the other side. But actually that storage shed is actually huge in there, very cleaned out, got a lot of shelving in there and would make a great tool shed or whatever.

So even something like that, you can really see the old time light fixtures and the way they used to do things on homes. But yes, here’s your garage kind of coming in here. What I always like to say too, as well, you can really tell this is an older home because look at that right there, man, Sears, that’s probably older than me right there. I don’t know. But hey, it’s still functioning, doing good. But yeah, coming in here, here’s your laundry as soon as you walk in. Water heaters right there, of course. Kind of got a little bit of shelving and a little bit of space. But yes, coming in here and actually the reason why I didn’t know how to kind of say this is because I guess you could count this as your, I guess, formal living room right here.

That’s your front door and like I said, this is kind of an open space. This could be a sitting area if you wanted it to be that way, make that other area more of a family, dining, whatnot type room and then just kind of make this more of a sitting area. So this is bedroom number one and it faces the front of the house. Closets on this side. Like I said, just the hardware and stuff like that is just a little dated but got a lot of closet space. Coming in here. So this is the bathroom right here. But yes, so this is what I’m talking about right there and I’m sure you can kind of see me in that mirror, but just the tile, it’s just a little bit older, but everything’s really cleaned up with the new countertops.

I mean obviously it’s functional, we’ll make sure of all that but instead of just ripping all that out, we just kind of kept the original tile and just cleaned it up, put some new fixtures in there, granite obviously, and just repainted everything. This is bedroom number two. Like I said, you’re still looking out into the front yard right there and a kind of just a little makeshift closet. And this is your primary bedroom, LVP flooring throughout and got a little bit bigger closet there for the primary bedroom. You can see outside of this place in the backyard. Here is the primary bathroom. Again, same thing, kind of got that little mirror look kind of going on with the tile, the older tile right there but plumbing fixtures have all been replaced out and countertops and all that other jazz.

But anyways, like I said, kitchens are obviously a have to or not a have to whenever you’re kind of redoing some of this stuff. Bathrooms, like I said, depending on what condition they’re in, obviously you want to make sure you ain’t got water leaking everywhere, all that jazz is all good. But you can kind of keep that older look with bringing in newer stuff with the countertops if you match it real well. It’s just a matter of getting that good vibe in there, if that makes sense. But I think the contractors did a fantastic job on this place. I mean it really is beautiful. It’s obviously very wide open right there, which gives you a lot of different options when you are moving in and moving stuff around. I love the white subway tile backsplash. It really just kind of gives it that good clean look.

But anyways, I just want to give y’all a tour of this place. It will be ready for pictures right now. I’ve got them scheduled and I believe he said he was either going to be here tomorrow or on Monday, and he’ll take pictures. We usually get them back the next day and then this thing will be ready to market as a rental. As always, if you need any property management needs, whether you are an owner, you’re inheriting a house like is situation right here, or if you’re buying a rental we help out investment property owners in central Arkansas. If you just have general questions on what the renting process is, what our company does to help you as an investor and go from there if you decide to buy and invest. We also do sales. That’s not our main thing, but we are willing to help you all out in that area if you want. So with that, happy Friday. Hope everybody has a great weekend and we’ll talk to you later. Thanks.

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