Newly Purchased Rental In West Little Rock

Newly Purchased Rental In West Little Rock

This is Cory Cox with Clear Property Management. We are at 22 Pleasant Cove in Little Rock, Arkansas. One of our out-of-state investors just bought this place. So we’ve had some crazy weather in the past, I don’t know, three days. We had three or four rounds of ice storms that came through and it was pretty bad. I think some parts got half an inch to three quarters of an inch of ice. That’s a lot of ice! So the roads have been pretty well shaky. I think the ice storm is now done, but essentially, what I heard in the weather was the temperatures are going to be below 20 degrees the next couple days.

Something our property management company does is we try our best, we cannot promise anything, we try our best on these homes that have just been purchased or they’re vacant, waiting on a new tenant, they’re waiting on a rehab or whatever it may be, we try and go by all our properties to just make sure that the cabinets underneath where faucets are and stuff like that, they’re all open, make sure all the utilities are turned on, make sure the heat’s going, everything else like that. And so our group did this a couple days ago, so we are coming back now and checking up on everything. And then we’re also going to let the faucets drip just a little bit over the next couple days, and then on Saturday, we will come back then and then turn off all the faucets because I think we got some good weather coming.

I wanted to show y’all this 22 Pleasant Cove. We just got here. So this is your entrance. It’s kind of an odd entrance. As soon as you come in, you either got to go upstairs or downstairs. I guess this would be your living room. Here’s your kitchen or eat-in area. Got a good size deck on here. Like I said, you can see all that dang ice right there. It’s pretty crazy. But anyways, coming through on this backside, you got your main bathroom right here. I’m not sure exactly what all the owner’s going to want to do, but you got that. You got this one bedroom in here, got your second bedroom in here. I guess this would be your master then at this point, since you got another small bathroom with its own shower.

Coming back on this way, here’s your third bedroom in here. And what makes this all complicated then at this point is essentially this bottom area. I’m unsure if I want to call this another bedroom or if you want to call this another secondary living room, I don’t know, playroom.

So here is obviously a bedroom so this would be your fourth bedroom right here. You got a little closet right there, right? But here is where I’m unsure. So you’ve got this whole secondary area right here. Essentially, if you got really creative about it, you could do an up and down duplex-type thing and just have them share that door and make that your common space. I don’t know if you want to do that or not, but it has its options. Well actually I say that, no, you can’t do that because there’s no shower in here. So here’s your bottom bathroom in here. It’s got the little closet and then that goes out to the garage.

But like I said, you could get creative if you wanted to on it, and you could start moving some walls, put a shower in, whatever it may be, if you wanted to, but obviously, then you’re limiting yourself on the garage then at that point. Honestly, you could section that off right there if you wanted to and just section this off right here, right? Just picture that. Just put a wall right here, whatever it may be, and then whoever has the access to the garage could then come in here, but obviously, they’d have their one bedroom here and then here’s your living room right here. Obviously, you wouldn’t have a true kitchen-type area, but you could add that up on this backside, put that shower in there.

I don’t think the owner’s going to want to do that big of a rehab on this. I think he’s just basically want to get this thing up and going, get some tenants in, and let’s roll. But anyways, but you could totally get creative on it. It’s great to have more square footage than you need then not square footage, but we shall see what happens.

But anyways, if you need any property management needs or need a property management company in central Arkansas, we serve Little Rock, Conway, Benton, Cabot, everything. So just let us know how we can help you today!

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