Newly Purchased Rental in Sherwood

Newly Purchased Rental in Sherwood

Good morning. It is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at a house in Sherwood Arkansas. I, personally, am buying this house right here. We are closing on it today. I don’t know what we’ll do yet with it but it is going to be a great rental. So that’s kind of our plan on all that. But we may just flip it back out and just kind of resell it. Don’t know yet, but either way, it’s a good house. Pretty good shape but it just needs some cosmetic stuff. The one big item is the HVAC right there. The HVAC’s going to have to be completely redone, which is never fun, but everybody will obviously appreciate that come summertime.

So with that, let me flip this around. Here’s kind of your entrance. Pretty good size living room. I wish I could knock out that wall and I just can’t. It is load-bearing. You can kind of see there’s a little bit of a step right here. I did a house actually in Beebe that had the exact same thing because most likely this used to be the garage and obviously, they’ve enclosed that. You can tell that’s probably shelving right back in the back, just like you would on a normal one-car garage. We’re going to get rid of that top piece right there and then kind of refinish that bottom part down there and just make it look a little bit nicer. But yeah, it should be a pretty good size living room.

Coming in here in the kitchen. Pretty good, spacious. Like I said, I wish I could get rid of that wall, but I can’t. New appliances, new countertops, painting everything. Look at this sweet microwave right there. That is nice. So we are going to turn that into a museum. But no, here’s your laundry right here. Obviously, we’ll just kind of redo all that.

Like I said, it’s in pretty good shape. The one big item is the HVAC. You can see this thing is older than me right there. So I don’t know if that thing’s ever worked. This house has closets on closets on closets. I don’t know if you can see that but I wonder if the light even works. But yeah, so this is your main bathroom right here, we’re going to make this a little bit nicer. We’re going to tile all this up and just make it look a little bit nice right there since it is your main bathroom. New toilets, new vanities, new everything.

Bedroom one right here. Put some ceiling fans in here. Get rid of this terrible carpet. Go LVP flooring throughout. Bedroom two, same dealio. Closet, everything. This is your primary bedroom. Same deal. Roof’s in pretty good shape. It’s 12 years old. Then this is your half bath right there, so we’ll just redo that vanity and whatnot. The roof’s in pretty good shape. Plumbing, like I said, I think this is an 80s house, mid-80s, somewhere around there. So everything should be pretty well updated. Your main stuff.

Your electrical panel is updated, so that’s always good. So really, like I said, your main, big item is the HVAC that we will get replaced, and so that shouldn’t be a problem at all. Here is the outside. But yeah, it’s fully fenced and we will kind of get that looking a little bit better.

But anyways, yes, so it will be a rental here in Sherwood Arkansas. Obviously, with me purchasing this myself, I will be using Clear Property Management to manage it. It will be because they are the best managing company out there. But yeah, like I said, I always love houses like this because it kind of gives us a good shot at just making this place great. Just having a good shot, having our contractors come in, doing all this stuff up instead of getting a purchased home where the seller lived there, there could be some minor issues and stuff like that that your new buyer doesn’t know and they don’t get it truly checked out. Whenever you’re having extensive rehabs on places like this, it really gives our contractors a chance to come in and do everything right. Check all electrical, make sure everything’s good, all plumbing, all new appliances, all new countertops, everything is fresh. But yes, good neighborhood, everything should be good to go. But yes, if you need a management company for your rentals, I know a guy. Clear Property Management. They are the best. Give them a holler. Thank you.

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