New Construction Walkthrough Rental

New Construction Walkthrough Rental

Hey, y’all. It is Cory with Clear Property Management. I am at a new construction home that was just purchased from one of our out-of-state investors. He purchased this home, I believe, site unseen. Don’t quote me on that. Our group or myself, we were not the buyer’s agent for him, so I’m not sure exactly how that process worked but I do know that it has been funded and the title office then called me and said, “Hey, you can come pick up these keys.” I went over there to title, picked up the keys and came back here.

What I always like to do is just do my overall assessment of the place. Two reasons. I like to be able to see what all needs to be done. With this being a new construction home, honestly, it’s in great shape. There’s one thing that needs to be addressed in the garage, and I’ll show y’all that here in just a minute, but it’s a new construction home, so it’s in great shape. No dents, dings, or anything else like that. We need to get some appliances, but really, that’s about it. We’ll come in here in the beginning so that is your front door. It goes out to the back, coming in through your front area right here.

So this is unique in the fact it’s kind of like a little storage area. I don’t know if you could put some shelves right there or what, but it’s kind of like a mudroom because this is your garage coming through and then that’s your laundry. But it is just kind of a, I don’t know, open area right there. I guess you could get creative on it if you wanted to. This is obviously the laundry. No washer and dryer. What I always tell our investors is, “That’s up to you. If you want to put a washer and dryer in there, great. If you don’t, sometimes people have them.”

This is my main concern is the garage. So first of all, definitely got some wires sticking out, but you can tell they just mudded this, they haven’t painted it or anything else like that, which that’s not great. Obviously, the more concerning thing is there is no motor. So yes, that will not go up and down and then you can see there’s no sensors in there too as well, but maybe they’re coming back or something. I’m not real sure. I’m going to let the owner know, obviously, and see what he wants to do. I would figure that’s definitely on the builder and it could have been just oversight, but with the whole house being painted and everything, it could have just…I don’t know. But anyway, I’m going to bring that to his attention.

This is your front bedroom right here. You can see the street access and whatnot. Decent size room. Carpeted in here. One thing I did notice in all the bedrooms is there is no fan in here. I’m not sure if the owner’s going to want to do that to change that out or not, but I for one, have to have my bedroom fan, but I don’t know if the owner’s going to be willing to do that or if it’s like, “Hey, buy you a little fan for the wall or for the ground,” kind of thing. So got a little bit more shelving in here. Yeah, good size little bathroom. This room seems to be a little bit bigger but I don’t know if it’s just because of that little alleyway, but again, like I said, no fan in here, closet in on that side.

Coming back through, this is your living room and kitchen combination. I like all this little puck lighting as it kind of keeps everything up and real well-lit. This floor plan obviously is very open. You can see one main thing that is missing is a fridge. Obviously, you’ve got tons of room right there, so the height does not matter. I did measure the counter depth right there and you don’t want something sticking out too far right there, but honestly, you could put as big or a small of a fridge that you want.

Coming out the backside right here, you can see where your property line ends is where the sod ends. I forget what road that is right there, but it kind of backs right up to there so you would not figure that anything would ever be in your backyard because that’s not enough space to be able to build. As you can see just see everything’s newer in this area. All brand new homes and obviously, in this neighborhood as well. It is all-electric, which is fantastic because it makes it easier on tenants and everybody else.

This is your primary bedroom, again, no fan, but you’ve got twin closets. It does not go in between right there. It just is different sectioned-off closets. And here is your primary bathroom. It is not two sinks, but it does have a little vanity area right there if you so choose. Come through here and just a little bit more shelving on that side. But anyway, so that is it. Like I said, it’s in great shape. These new constructions are always really nice because there’s not much wrong with them. Obviously, I’m going to bring attention to the garage to the owner and see what the timeline is on something like that but in the meantime, I can go ahead and get a fridge and if he wants to get the washer and dryer going right there.

Obviously, we are going to need some blinds throughout the home and we can get that start getting this home listed but those are simple things and then we can go ahead and get this thing out and ready on the market so that way we can start fielding applications for it. One thing that I will go on a little tangent on right now, it is December. Everybody is playing Santa Claus. It is a lot tougher during the winter months to try and find renters but it is not impossible. I believe wholeheartedly if you have a great-looking house and it is fair priced, you’ll always find somebody out there for it. But there is less people looking for homes during this time. People are playing Santa, they’re not moving during the holidays, blah, blah, blah, blah. It all kind of goes into effect. So, I don’t say that to discourage you that if you find a good deal, jump on it but at the same time too, it’s not going to be like June or April or even March or something like that. March is a good time too because people are getting their taxes back, “Hey, let’s move,” kind of thing. So that’s something to consider. Those months are coming.

But anyway, just want to say that we honestly only have two vacant homes right now and they’re at the very high end of West Little Rock right there. So one’s a brand new construction home and the other one is a very large home. But honestly, things are getting grabbed.

If there is anything you need as a property owner or a potential renter, holler at Clear Property Management, we will take care of you. We do a great job. We care about both the tenant and the owner. Give us a call. Never know how we can help. Thanks.

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