Little Rock Rental That Is Almost Ready

Little Rock Rental That Is Almost Ready
Good morning. My name is Cory, with Clear Property Management. We are dealing with a lot of displaced families from the tornado that hit Little Rock last Friday so a lot of people are looking for rentals right now. Some six month rentals, some nine, twelve months type things. Some are dealing with insurance, some are just taking this on themselves. A lot of our investors, they have decided that they would be willing to do some six month type leases. This is one of those homes.

We are at 420 Maplewood in Little Rock. It is a four bedroom, two bath home. It is actually at the end of a cul-de-sac right here. Yeah, they’re still working on rehabbing this place. This is probably, I want to say about a week or so out from being completed, but it should be ready to go most likely by mid next week. Prices and everything else like that, I’m going to kind of stay away from that as everybody’s kind of different. They are doing pet fees added to the base rent. Also too, with these not being true one year long leases, these owners are charging just a little bit more each month just because you’re not locking in for a full year. If you do choose to go for a full year, then yeah, you’ll get the standard rental rate and everything’s good right there. Again, I’m not going to comment on the actual numbers of it all, but I’m more than welcome to answer any kind of questions if you contact us at Clear Property Management.

I figured it’d be beneficial to make this video so, I’m going to kind of do this little tour of that. This will be your living room, I guess kind of your kitchen area right here. Here’s your kitchen. It has all needed appliances. It’s got a fridge, dishwasher, range and microwave. It’s also got granite countertops. This would be bedroom one which kind of comes out to the front.

Here is the shared bathroom right here. Bedroom number two. Another good sized closet. And finally, bedroom number three.

I want to say, these bedrooms down here are probably about, I don’t know, 10 by 10 or 10 by 12, probably like that. I don’t know if you can see it well in the video or not. Actually, I’ll show you the backyard too as well. So, you’ve kind of got a little deck. You’re kind of on a little hill right there, but it is fully fenced in. So, if you do have pets or anything, they do have a fence.

Coming back through you could make this a little storage area if you wanted to. An inside storage area or a sitting area or an office or whatever it may be. Brand new washer and dryer is a part of this home. And finally, coming back here to the master, here’s your master bedroom. There is a broken window right there that needs to be fixed and like I said, it’s just general cleanup. It’s just 90% of the way there, but it should be ready in about a week coming. And that is it.

Again, if you’ve got any questions on any of this stuff, just let me know. I’m going to be making some videos for these investors that are willing to do these six month type leases and just upload them on my YouTube, so that way you can just sit there and check them out. Obviously, again, I’m not going to put exact prices on there because everybody’s different, but just do know that if you do have pets, most likely it’s $50 per pet per month added to the base rent.

And again, if you’re not willing to do a full year-long lease, then they are just a small uptick more in price. But ultimately it’s cheaper than an Airbnb for sure because you would be paying a lot more for that. Granted, your Airbnb’s would be furnished tho so that’s something to consider as well. Like I said, if we at Clear Property Manaement can be a help to you, please reach out. I mean, we’re trying to help people that were affected by the Little Rock tornado. I know everybody’s kind of going through a lot right now.

Give me a call for any property management needs or if you are needing a rental in Little Rock.
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