Little Rock Home For Tornado Relief

Little Rock Home For Tornado Relief

What’s up all? Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at 6 Brookside Circle here in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is another one of those homes where we can basically offer it out to the people that were affected on the Little Rock tornadoes. This owner right here is willing to do six-month leases. As I’ve stated in other videos and stuff like that, basically the way that they’re doing that is if you are not willing to sign a full year long lease, they are just basically adding just a little bit of a premium every single month to that base rent. Deposit’s are all the same. If you’ve got pets and stuff like that, most of the time these owners are saying $50 per pet per month added to the base rent. Some are strictly still no pets. Some owners will work with you if you’ve got multiple pets or whatever it may be. Again, I’m staying away from exact numbers as that can kind of vary.

But the point of this video is to truly show you these homes as well as the conditions they’re in, as well as basically a timeline of when you could actually get in here. You are at the end of a cul-de-sac right here. That’s basically South Shackleford Road right up there, but you can see they’re kind of getting some stuff out. Here’s the home on the outside. It does have a fenced in yard in the backside. We will hit that here in just a second. But coming through the front door, we need to get a light bulb in there as I can’t get that light on, but that’s something super simple. They are painting right now, so hopefully if the painting can kind of go quick, you could at least have some brand new paint in here. Does have all appliances except for washer and dryer, so no washer and dryer in here but everything else is.

Here’s your backyard. But yes, fully fenced in yard, kind of got like a little hill right behind you right there. But no neighbors right behind you. And of course you’ve got another little shed back there. They still need to get some of this trash out but again, like I said, they are working on that. Coming through here, so this kind of has an odd layout. I would consider this more the master down here since it has its own bathroom, but there is no closet here. The previous owners of this actually had a standalone closet right there. What I would suggest to the owner is kind of doing the exact same thing, even if it’s just a big furniture piece or something like that, getting it over there, putting it in that corner right there so that way you could have your clothes. But here is the bathroom and like I said, I know it’s not ready or anything like that. It’s missing some mirrors, blah blah, blah.

Coming back through, it’s kind of this is like your storage area as well as where your washer and dryer will go. Again, it needs to be cleaned up, washer and dryer right there. Coming back through upstairs and you can really see the paint difference right there. But that’s the master downstairs, three bedrooms upstairs. You can kind of see how this closet kind of comes out. All they did was sheetrock this and just kind of make a makeshift closet. I think ultimately the owner will do something like that for the master downstairs, but it would just be a quicker option to just basically put a furniture piece in there so that way you can just have your clothes if it’s just going to be a six-month type ordeal. So this room was originally blue, that’s why you see some of this blue going on. In here another bedroom, lots of closet space in here too as well and then you kind of got a little Jack and Jill type bathroom right here.

Obviously, need a mirror and a few other things and again, like I said, it just depends on how quick these contractors can get here and get it basically safe and sound and everything else like that. Again, some people are wanting real nice and fancy and everything else like that and rehabbed and that’s fine or whatever but we’ve kind of got some others that are ready to go now. I’ve created other videos on those, so you’re more than welcome to take those. This one right here is just basically one of those ones that will be ready here shortly. But if a family does need it for a six-month type ordeal or whatever, the owner is willing to work with them, but obviously they need to put their deposit down so that way we can get this thing to be safe and sound and ready to go for them.

If there’s anything we can do to help the tornado victims of Little Rock, just let me know. Thank you very much.

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