Listing Prep On Conway Rental

Listing Prep On Conway Rental

Hello. It is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are at another beautiful four bedroom, two bath home in Conway, Arkansas that we actually just got pictures taken for. We are waiting for the pictures to come back and once they come back, we will actually list this thing. We are going to be listing it for around $2,050 right there. That is without the washer and dryer, but if they do want a washer and dryer, the owner said they’d be willing to do that. They’d probably just charge 50 bucks extra or whatever a month. But yes, so it is always exciting whenever pictures happen because we know that we have new tenants possibly coming in or new prospective tenants right there so it’s always good to have that going on.

So with that, let me turn this thing around. Here is the kitchen. That is the front door right there and the living room. Here is the backyard. They are actually going to fix a little bit of this ditch right here. So not a big deal, but they’ll be fixing that shortly. Yeah, nice little shed for some little extra storage. Coming in here, this is your primary bedroom, very large and in here is your primary bathroom. Plenty of storage, large closet, tons of stuff. With this primary bedroom suite over here is actually, so it’s a split level floor plan. So on this side, the primary is on this side and on the other side, all the other bedrooms are on this side, the other three are right there.

So coming through here, kind of got a little peach theme to it. Coming down here, bedroom, I guess bedroom number three. Got a little bit of a, I don’t know, it’s like a bluish green color. The second bathroom in here. And finally, bedroom number four. All good size closets, which is always a plus and like I said, you can really see the primary is on that side right there. So it’s really nice. This house has been extremely cared for. You can really just tell with a good established neighborhood right here. Lastly, here is the laundry room. Like I said, no washer and dryer, but one can be provided for you and the garage. So yes, but we’ll be getting all that stuff out of there. There is a washer and dryer right there. The washer does not work. The dryer does work, but we are just not including that for now. Like I said, that might be something they can negotiate later on. And honestly, I don’t think the owner wants to include it just because they’re older and just doesn’t want to give the tenants something that might be faulty or something like that. So if they choose to do it, they could probably just pay $50 extra a month. And to be honest with you, they’d probably just buy a brand new set is what they would do. So that’d be always good.

So anyways, like I said, I wanted to just kind of jump on here, tell you about a new upcoming rental property for Conway, Arkansas. If you are in the market to rent a property in Conway, Arkansas, we would love to help. We always have several here. If you are an owner or an investor in Conway, Arkansas, we would love to be able to help you out by managing your property on the day-to-day, things like this, setting up all the photography, everything like that. It takes time. Your time is valuable. We have got systems in place, we have got people in place. We would love to be able to help you out in doing all of that and the screening of the prospective tenants. We have, I would say weekly, we have got fake documents that come up, fake paycheck stubs, fake everything and can screen for those types of things. We have systems in place where we are able to look at this data and these paychecks and verify this information out. We have got that stuff. You do not want to put yourself in a situation to where your prospective tenant is faking documents just to get inside the home. So let a professional management company take care of that for you. We would love to help you out. And yeah, just give us a call anytime.

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