House Rehab in Beebe Arkansas

House Rehab in Beebe Arkansas

Cory Cox with Clear Property Management. We are at our latest renovation here in Beebe, Arkansas. I haven’t checked on this place in probably about four weeks. It’s been a little while. We were waiting on some materials, kind of getting everything in here, then I went on vacation there for a couple weeks and now I’m back.

I was just signed a property management agreement on a house in Vilonia, just a little bit ago, and that’s not too far from here so I decided to drop by, kind of see how the progress is and boy has it changed, so it is looking great.

Kind of coming in here if you remember from the previous video, there was a wall just right here and right here. It was all closed off, so you kind of had to come in here, turn left, and then there everything was. Paint is all up and got all these neutral colors. Got some countertops. Got a little back splash going on here. Going to look good right there. Coming in here, laundry room. I got everything painted up. Here, looks so much better. It was so rough in here.

Going in the garage. So what we did to kind of save a little bit of money, is we went with this paneling, kind of in here. Obviously, we got to change out that garage door. I got little lean to it. Over there, it’s kind of got a little wave going on. I don’t know if that’s just moisture or if that’s it was kind of put up wrong, but we’ll get all that fixed up. It’s kind of got just paneling everywhere and got the roof all done up. As you can see, this will be kind of a little extra area back here. You can put a, I don’t know, a motorcycle. What I’ll probably do is up on that side right there, I will put those little peg boards, so that way you can kind of hang some of your stuff. If they want to put shelving in here or whatever, that’s on them, but that’s what I’m going to kind of do.

Flooring looks good. This is flooring I always use in all my stuff. It’s got a little bit of mixture of a little bit of black, got gray, got brown, got it all in here. Always think it looks fantabulous.

Here’s the master right here. Coming through. Here’s the master bath. Kind of got a little weird shape thing going on. But yeah, I don’t know if I want to just do an entire mirror right there or if I just want to do a mirror, mirror type thing. I don’t know yet. Going to have to get some opinions on it. But yeah, bathroom. Tub don’t look that great. Maybe we can kind of brighten that up a little bit. I don’t really know what that is, but we didn’t want to tile it. I mean that’s going to be just more added cost. So, I don’t know. Getting new toilet in there. It’s got a nice walk-in closet here for the master.

Kind of coming into the living room then, at this point. Big living room into a sunroom. So yeah, so we’ve got a little pocket door right here. Thought that’d be a good little feature right there instead of doing a true door or whatever, so it kind of got a little sunroom in here. You can kind of make this a little second little den if you really wanted to. If you really wanted to get creative, you can make that another bedroom, but we’re not going to do that.

Kind of coming back through. I really wish… I don’t know. I don’t know what I want to do. I mean you could obviously put the TV right here, but you could put the TV right there too as well, and just kind of put the furniture along the sides. I don’t know, I think I’m just going to keep this open. I keep going back and forth on that, but I think I’m just going to kind of keep that open. But I mean it looks nice.

If you remember, this was the mojo room. It was all red, had all that Chinese stuff in here. Real nice. I don’t have any light in here, but yeah, same thing with that bathroom. I wish we could do something with that but kind of got that going on. A little shelving and then you got your last front bedroom in here.

But yes, so we are coming along. I love it. Very, very happy. So anyways, I should be starting stuff with the exterior too as well. We’re going to have to do a lot of exterior work. Or not a lot, it’s just they did so much. They had so much planted here and when you let all that stuff go, then it just turns into a problem is what it does with all the upkeep of it.

So, I don’t know what the plan is. But regardless though, we’ll get it all cleaned up. I know winter is coming, fall and stuff like that, so we definitely want it looking good so that way we can have it looking nice before we either get some tenants in here or sell it on the market.

So that is it for the Beebe house. You got any questions, holler at us. Clear Property Management, serving the Central Arkansas area.

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