House Clean Out In Morrilton

House Clean Out In Morrilton
Corey Cox:
What’s up, y’all? Cory Cox with Clear Property Management. I am at this Morrilton house that we just bought a few weeks ago. Basically, what we’re doing is we’re going to kind of restructure this deal just a little bit, get another investor involved, and just kind of move on from that point. I wanted to make this quick video. You want to be a real estate investor, right? I’ve been here since right around at eight o’clock this morning. It is almost 11:30 right now. Just being by myself or whatever.

The house that was here, it was trashed out, basically. Our deal with the previous owner was leave whatever you don’t want. They definitely took advantage of that. Anyways, so I’ve been here all by myself, huffing and puffing and everything else. It was raining this morning. It was tough, but these are the sides of things that they ain’t teaching you right there on HGTV. It’s tough. You got to work your way through it or whatever, but based on the way that we’re going to structure this deal, it just had to be done. It’s got to be done today and tomorrow.

I’m about to leave here. We essentially got everything out of the house out, and there’s a bunch of crap on the outside and stuff like that. I’ve got a tenant placement tomorrow morning. As soon as I get done with that, then I’m going to change clothes, and I’m going to head right back out here. Anyways, this dumpster right here was brand new whenever I got here. Not one thing in it. Now you can see, we definitely have some stuff. Anyways, yep. That’s it.

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