Easy Fix For Little Rock Rental

Easy Fix For Little Rock Rental

Hey everybody, it’s Cory Cox with Clear Property Management. We are at 1911 Mesquite Drive in Little Rock, Arkansas. We are getting this place ready to rent. An investor came in from actually Colorado and he bought this place. He hasn’t even seen this place, sight unseen. Me and another realtor here in town are where we basically teamed up on this to kind of help him out, to just try and get this thing ready.

But it was in pretty good shape. A few of the things that we kind of did is we put a new faucet on there, got a new microwave. The microwave was not working. Put a brand new fridge in with an ice maker, had that installed too as well. But yeah, like you can see, it’s pretty basic. Some of the other things that we did, this whole wall was green. It was like green, green. And these walls in here were, I forgot what color they were. A light pink or something like that. Well anyways, we just kind of painted them up, got them all the same way as basically all the other house.

Something else we did was we changed out that fan. There was a fan up there, actually it was just a light was all it was. It didn’t have a fan. Well with this being the master, we wanted to actually have a fan in here. Something that got done is you can really see now that I get really close, you can see that outline. Well that was a completely different color. It was just a big circle is what it was. So over the years, I guess that just never got painted or what. But needless to say you had a ring right there. Well it’s kind of helping you out, because the light’s actually casting a shadow on that top part. But it was definitely a different color. So what I did with that is I got some good old spray paint and spray painted that. I’m no graffiti artist, I’m nothing good like that, but it kind of blends in really well right there, makes it look a little bit better.

But, so that’s just something a little quick, $15 fix right there. But the big project that we actually did with this house is we put on a brand new deck. So there was a deck all right here. It actually had a level, and then it had a different level with a hot tub over here on the backside. Well anyways, it was completely shot, so we just got rid of it completely. But now you’ve got a huge deck out here. It was kind of a bit of a pain to kind of get going and everything else like that, but you can tell it’s a good sized deck. Be really nice for, you got grilling stuff or whatever it may be. But yeah, so that back part right there, it was still in decent shape, so what we did was, or contractors did, is they just built this out and just made that level to where it kind of goes out. We’ll probably stain this come springtime, maybe summer. Kind of depends. But right now it’s good to go, and it should be in good shape.

But yeah, we’ve got this thing cleaned. It is ready to go. I’m going to make contact with the owner, and as soon as I make contact with the owner, make sure everything’s good with him on his end, he needs nothing else, we are going to be listing this for rent in Little Rock. I think it’ll be around, I’m thinking somewhere around 1700 per month, somewhere around there. I’m going to have to get my final numbers on that, but great neighborhood. It’s right off Kanis Road here in Little Rock, kind of in the central-ish kind of area right there. But yeah, somebody will definitely be happy with it. But yeah, if there’s anything I can help you with real estate wise, rental wise, property management wise in Little Rock, I’d love to help. Give me a call!

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