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Ash St Drainage Solution
Cory Cox:
What’s up? It is Cory Cox with Clear Property Management here in Conway, where we are actually going right now. I did a video on this I know a couple months ago. We built a house down here in downtown Conway, and whenever we built it, the historic district wanted us to add another sidewalk going from the front sidewalk on the street to basically the front door. It was in the historic district, I guess it was conforming, whatever it may be. Anyway, whenever we did that, they added the sidewalk in, and basically, all we did was dam up the front yard of this house. Again, it’s a new construction home. There was actually a ditch over here on the north side of it, we took some extra precautions on that.

We did a French drain, actually, on the north side of the property. It’s a six inch pipe going all the way from one end to the other, so everything’s flowing down there. We had our grade right, everything was flowing down toward Ash street, everything’s perfect until we did that extra sidewalk right there. Basically, all it did was make a little square where it’s all just dammed up. I reached out to the Plant Outlet here in Conway. They were able to come over, they actually shot it, the height and everything else like that, of all the grass, the dirt and we were able to come up with a plan to get some good grade, to get that flow out of there. Anyway, I’m going to show you all that right now. Here we go.

Here we are. You can see…First of all, I just want to say, too, it rained all day yesterday. All freaking day. If it rained at all, it used to be able to flood this entire square right here. The reason why is because whenever they added that sidewalk right there, there was basically a two to three inch gap where it dammed up, just right there on the edge. If anything came through, it would just sit right here. Another thing I had going on is you can see my gutters right there. This gutter, that gutter, and then there’s another gutter right over here on this side. Basically, anything on this side of the house right here, the back side of that house, and anything on this side right here on that garage was all flowing in. I dug a drain, some pipe, and I had me a nice little pop-up installed right here.

Obviously, everything was flooding to the house, so water would sit all around there the entire time. Obviously, that’s terrible. Anyway, my bright idea was, “Hey, let’s get it all out here, let’s get it on here, and then let’s install that pop-up, so that way everything flows down that way.” Again, going back to the original problem, they made me add that sidewalk right there and whenever they did just, this whole area was just a pond, essentially. It was just absolutely ridiculous. You can see it over here too as well. You can see how they laid those two by fours whenever they were doing the sidewalks. Anyway, they came in, they filled it full of sand, put some Topsoil in there, got some soil on top of it. I’m serious, it rained all day yesterday. I’m sure it was a few inches or whatever. All day long.

You can see everything is now flowing out this way, everything’s nice and pretty. We even got us some nice little pavers over here on this front side right here. The biggest problem is we’ve got a door over on this other side right here, but whenever you open the garage door up, you don’t want to open this, then lock that, and then redo all that, you just want to step out, around, hit these pavers, and go on out into your back door right there, and then go inside your house. Anyway, that’s what we got going on. They did an awesome job. This looks a little high right here, so I’m unsure if I’m going to need to add a little bit of sand right there and build that up a little bit more, so that way it flows. Like I said, I know for a fact that, once it hits this point right here, it’s eventually going to end up all the way over there.

Again, with these gutters and everything else like that, everything flowing that way, and hitting that pop-up right there, I know everything is going good. Anyway, I just wanted to show you all how it is. I don’t really know what I’m going to do right here, I might do some rock. I’m not much of a green thumb type person, so I’m not going to plant anything, but I might do some decorative rock or something like that, add that in. I was very happy with the results. Plant Outlet, shout out to them. They did good.

I’m coming over here on this other side as well but there’s a French drain that essentially starts about right here. I think it’s about 12 inches from my property line, so you can see my little stake right there, I never took it off. They’ve got to redo this house, this house is absolutely terrible. Anyway, it starts right there and then goes all the way to the back all the way up to my property line, about 12 inches back there, in the back corner. Everything’s flowing into right here and then eventually making its way to this little creek right here. You can still see there’s a lot of water still standing in that.

Happy with the results, everything’s good. Got some good little knowledge on all that other stuff as far as the irrigation goes. You just got to make sure all the plans are good because you might just sit there and mess yourself up later on, because of stuff just like that right there. Like I said, if you can build everything up, it will eventually flow out to Ash Street and lesson learned. Check.
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