Conway Rental Property About To Hit Market

Conway Rental Property About To Hit Market
What is up, y’all? It is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are just taking over another house here in Conway, Arkansas. It is going to be a rental. It is located in West Conway and is a somewhat newer build. It’s in a great, established neighborhood. It’s a three bed, two bath home and I believe it’s somewhere around 1800 square feet. We’re going to be listing it for somewhere around $1650 or $1700 per month, somewhere around there, when everything’s all said and done. I wanted to kind of show y’all how it is when we kind of go through this place to kind of get it rent ready.

So coming in the front door, nice, beautiful chandelier right there. Here’s the living room as well. Real good size for sure. Here’s the kitchen with the fridge. The fridge compressor is actually out on the fridge, but we’re going to get that fixed up and made all in working condition. This home also features a gas fireplace. You can actually notice the little pergola area as well out here. It is real nice for those summer nights.

Coming back through here, here are the shared bedrooms as it is a split floor plan. So you’ve got the two bedrooms on this side of the house and then you’ve got the master on the other. Good size closets in each of these bedrooms.

Coming into bedroom number two, same thing. Going to need some paint touch up throughout. This closet is just a little bit bigger and features some built-ins in there. Here is the shared bathroom. Got some nice fixtures in there.

Coming back through you have got the TV mount already on there and ready for you. Here is the master bedroom. Kind of got a little makeup area right here, which will be a hit for the ladies. Got a double sink right there and a very good sized master closet as well. Bathroom’s in there and then another secondary closet right here too. So that will definitely be a plus.

Washer and dryer’s right here in the entrance so it’d be really nice because this is your garage door and you can kind of come straight through here and you can just go straight to your master. There will not be a washer and dryer in this house, but you can obviously bring your own. Or if you’ve just got to have one, I’ve got owners that will be willing to kind of upfront you that cost and then just kind of add that to your monthly bill each month. Not sure if that’s the case here but I can ask the owner.

So anyways, it is in pretty good shape. Like I said, I’ve got a list of things that need to be done and I run that by the owner and say, “Hey owner, I believe you need to do X, Y, and Z.” Then once he approves that, we get all that stuff lined up and hopefully get this thing going in about two or three weeks, somewhere around there. But we shall see.

But anyways, if y’all are looking for a Conway house for rent, let me know as we’ve got this one coming up. We’ve actually got several Conway houses coming up for rent here lately. Also, if you are an owner and you are looking for somebody to manage your properties in Conway, Arkansas, or surrounding areas, give us a call. We would love to help. Let’s have that conversation. Thanks.

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