Conway Home Ready For Rent

Conway Home Ready For Rent

Good morning, good morning. My name is Cory with Clear Property Management. We are actually at a house on Sherry Drive here in Conway, Arkansas. It’s actually kind of on the outskirts of Conway, so if you know anything about Conway, you know about Conway Corp utilities and stuff like that. This is actually not on Conway Corp utilities, it’s still on Entergy and Vilonia Water, I believe too as well, but it’s still right there off the highway right there. So you’ve got easy access to Vilonia and you’ve got easy access obviously to Conway basically from extended Oak Street right there.

So we are getting this thing ready right now. Our painter just came in, he painted everything. It is nice and pretty in here. This house is actually in fantastic shape. Everybody is looking for more affordable homes in Conway and this place fits that aspect. Conway is a very high price market. It seems like things just get grabbed so quickly in Conway. So I am basically going to do a quick showing of this to kind of show what state it’s in and when it’s going to be available.

Basically I’m in the entrance right here. One thing I will say, this is your living room right there. That’s obviously your front door kind of going out right there. You’ve got a single carport just on the back side of this right there, and then you’ve kind of got a really long driveway. That fan will actually be replaced. We’re actually replacing all the fans and the lighting over here in the kitchen. We’ve got some newer updated LED type lights and stuff like that that will be coming in.

But you can see it’s real open floor plan right there. That light, that fan right there will actually be replaced too as well with just like a LED type light, kind of just like that right there to match. So you kind of have your dining room and kitchen area. That stove just got pulled out. We have got a brand new stove coming in too as well, so that will be coming in over there. It is a gas stove as you can tell, and got some cabinetry over here.

In here is your laundry room. No washer and dryer for this, but you can bring your own. Kind of coming in here, you can kind of see your carport type area right there, and you can kind of see it’s an oversized type driveway right there where you could obviously get multiple cars. Got a little bit of storage out there too as well. Coming back through the main area, here is your shared bathroom in here. It’s in very good shape. We need to get this thing cleaned, but it is in good shape.

This is bedroom one. Again, if you are anything like me, you have got to have a fan in here so we’re going to put a fan in here and replacing that light right there. Here is bedroom two. It just got painted. Again, that fan will be replaced here in the coming days. Here’s the closets. And here is your master bedroom. Again, replacing that fan. The master closet is a little bit bigger right there. Kind of got a little bit of shelving, stuff like that inside of it. And here is your master bathroom. It’s own shower, kind of stand in shower, and then your toilet on that side.

So yeah, like I said, a little bit lower priced homes in Conway are pretty hard to come by. It’s kind of got this wood paneling and stuff like that but it’s in fantastic shape. If that’s your thing and everything else like that then I mean, really this thing is really ready to go. We’ve just got to change out those fans and then we’re going to get a good solid cleaning in here. At that point, it should be ready to list. So I’m thinking within a week-ish, somewhere around there. That’s absolute tops for when it will be rent ready.

If you want to go ahead and schedule a showing, whatever it may be, cool, just give us a call. We’ll kind of get you in beforehand and stuff like that before it actually goes out on the straight rental market. But again, like I said, just call me and we will coordinate with you around our handyman as well as our cleaner. But yes, that is it.

If you need any rentals in the Conway market, please give us a call. We are happy to help. Thanks.

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