Conway Arkansas Rental Home Walkthrough

Conway Arkansas Rental Home Walkthrough
What’s up, y’all? It is Cory Cox with Clear Property Management here in Conway Arkansas.

Basically, one of our out-of-state investors requested a video walkthrough of the house. So, essentially what we do is whenever we take over property management or project management, whatever it may be, I’ll then come through the house and basically do a checklist of just, “Hey, to get this thing rent ready, you need to go do this, this, this, and this type thing.” Sometimes the owners agree, sometimes they don’t or whatever, and that’s obviously their call. They want to have the best bang for their buck each time.

So, some things that might make it rent ready is not always worth the dollars spent on getting it rent ready, if that makes sense. We try and be cautious of that stuff, but at the same time, too, hey, we understand it’s the investor’s property. It’s their investment. However they want to do that house and make it to their standard is obviously their call. Once that standard is made, then our group then comes in and says, “Okay, based on these standards that you made it, it will rent for X or Y or whatever it may be.”

But it is raining again, so we are going to start with the exterior right here. It has rained for like 15 days straight.

So anyways, here’s the house. Kind of see what’s going on here. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Obviously, got some area out here on the back side.

Something I noticed right off the get-go is there is some fascia board missing right here on the fireplace right there, so probably some water’s getting in there. Obviously with fireplaces and stuff like that, we always suggest to get the fireplace inspected. Some owners won’t let tenants build fires, and that’s obviously their call for insurance purposes or whatever it may be. You can see there’s a lot of open space around here. But obviously, if they are going to build a fire, we want to make sure that that thing is safe and ready to go.

You can also see it looks like maybe the windows had just gotten redone, but you can see that there is bare wood right there. So, they need to paint that or eventually that will rot off. Something else that the contractor saw to as well, whenever I was over here getting quotes, is there is a leak, and I’ll show it to you here in just a little bit. There is a leak somewhere in this bathroom right here, in this master side. He thinks it’s probably from that plumbing vent up there up top. I don’t know if you can see that or not. But he said, “I mean, that’s just one of those things you’re going to have to start just ripping this apart and seeing what’s going on.”

Coming in here, entrance. You can see the walls. You can see all that different coating. I don’t know if that’s just from furniture or what, but that probably needs some love. I absolutely love this. Talk about a secret little hiding spot. You could hide some stuff in there if you want to. No judgment on what you do right there.

Anyways, everything looks all right. You can see the countertops are scuffed. Like I said, some people it bothers, some people it don’t. That is completely up to the owner to decide. You can see it, too, as well, right through here. Appliances are in decent shape. Got a stove top. Everything all looks good right there.

Let’s touch on this garage. Obviously, they had some fun in here. Got a double garage. Just a ton of junk. But, yeah, this basically just needs to be cleared out. I tested the garage door motor and they seem to be working. I don’t know if the chain or whatever is or is not working.

Newer water heater. This could be a nice little shop back here on the back. There is a toilet in there, and I’m not going to show you the toilet, just to spare you. The beauty of having abandoned homes huh? I’ll let your imagination go from there.

Going back up here you got your master on this side, but we will start over here on this side. I would call this bedroom one. Again, you can see some scuffs going on on the walls. Discoloration, probably had a bed right there. Decent shape. I always put a fan right there. I know that’s kind of bougie of me, but I guess it’s because I cannot sleep without a fan, so I totally get it.

Bedroom two. Same thing. Discolorations on walls. You can kind of see someone attempted to spackle that. That’s a great YouTube job right there. This is why you let the professionals be the professionals. Same thing with the fan, I would add one.

Laundry room. Same deal. Not too, too big, but here’s what it is. Got another closet right there. This would be your shared bathroom toilet. You can kind of see some mess ups right here, so I would bet that water is getting in right there. I don’t know if it just needs to be sealed or if it needs a whole new plastic. I don’t know. The contractor looked at that and that was another one of those things. It’s like, “Hey man, we’re going to have to just see if that plastic insert’s good, or if it just needs to be caulked and roll on kind of thing.” Obviously you love that shower head. I mean look at that. That thing is custom right there, baby.

Master’s not in bad shape. Got some nice floors in here. Hey, this one does have a fan, everybody. This is good. You can also see the brand new fresh doors. Look at that. You even got the sticker on it, baby. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s when you know it’s new.

Anyways, coming through and same thing. Just need some love on these walls and here is your master shower. These little inserts probably just need to be caulked or whatever. You can kind of see what’s going on.

So this is what I was talking about earlier with this wall. That has got a ton of moisture coming in right there. I don’t know if my phone is focusing well enough for that, but something’s going on back there on this top side. I don’t know. But again, that’s just one of those things you’re just going to have to figure out.

Coming through backside. There is no more leaves that can go inside those gutters, which is great. Kind of got some old switches right there, but that’s okay too as well.

Again, this is just one of these things that we do for our investment owners. Obviously different owners are different ways and that’s perfectly fine. Some people just like to get it, do the bare minimum and that’s all good. That is not my place to call. But again, we like to at least make sure that it is safe and ready to go for these tenants because ultimately that makes my job easier and I’m being completely selfish on that. But if everything is operating and doing good right there, the aesthetics part of it is neither here nor there. You can price based on the aesthetics, but you cannot price due to safety because it has to have safety

Anyways, but that is it. That is my walkthrough of the ages right there. If you got any questions and you need property management in central Arkansas, we go from Conway to Benton to Cabot, and we are basically anywhere in that V right there. So if you need anything, you give me a holler.

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