Bryant Rental Home Almost On Market

Bryant Rental Home Almost On Market

What’s up guys? It is Cory, with Clear Property Management. We are at 1100 Alpine Court in Bryant, Arkansas. Crazy thing is we serve all of Central Arkansas which is from Conway, to Benton, to Cabot and basically all the cities kind of in between there and we have never had a Bryant house that we property manage for. So this is actually the very first Bryant house that we’ve ever had. This house is in fantastic shape. I’m so excited about this one, right here. So like I said, so we are going through it right now to see if there’s anything that we need to do to get this thing ready.

Really, I think this thing’s in fantastic shape to be honest with you. I believe it’s ready to go and I believe a family is going to be really, really excited whenever they get this place. So I’m going to go ahead and flip this camera around. I am coming in the entrance from the front door. You’ve got these fantastic wood looking tile right there. It’s just absolutely beautiful. Huge. Spacious. Oh, it’s so very nice.

So coming in this way, it is a split-level home. So this is bedroom one with a good size walk-in closet. This is bedroom number two with an additional walk-in closet. This is the shared bathroom through here as well. You can just tell it’s just been taken care of so nicely with the little maintenance items left to do. Some of the things that I’ve really noticed is it’s got a whole bunch of nails and stuff like that in the wall. I’m sure from them hanging pictures and stuff like that, but not a big deal. We’re going to pull those out, make them all look good.

So again, I just absolutely love this living room. And coming in here to your kitchen, you see all that. Everything’s all updated, stainless steel appliances, everything. The only real drawback on this place that I’m seeing is the backyard. Not much of a backyard. So you can just literally see the fence right there. But hey, if you dislike mowing and stuff like that, this would be your most ideal place, for sure.

Got a little storage area right there and got a washer and dryer in here too as well. Not all rentals have washers and dryers but this one will actually be included. I did not notice that the last time we were here. I’m sure this is the water heater in here. Still got a little bit of storage in there too as well.

So coming back through here is your master bedroom. Kind of got a little bit of a yellowish color to it, but I still think it’s in good shape. Back through, here is your vanity, toilet on that side. Here is your master shower, and a huge walk-in closet for the primary right there.

So like I said, it is in fantastic shape. I absolutely love this. It is good to go but at this point, like I said, with it being in just great shape like this, we’re going to get a few of those things pulled out and whatnot, get that all good to go and we are really we’re going to go ahead and contact my photographer. We’re going to get him to come over here, take some pictures, get this thing all nice and pretty, and at that point we will go ahead and list it.

If you are looking for a rental in the Bryant area, this one will obviously be available here in about a week or so. If you are an owner or an investor that has Bryant investment properties or anything else in the central Arkansas area, please give us a call at Clear Property Management. We would love to have that conversation with you. We are really gaining steam here lately with a lot of new clients that they are transitioning from other property management companies, and moving over to us. We love to hear that! Again, it’s not bad business on them, but we love to know that other people are looking for other solutions that we are able to provide them. If there’s anything that we can do for you, please never hesitate to give us a call. I’m always here. Have a great day!

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