Beebe Home Walkthrough Before Purchase

Beebe Home Walkthrough Before Purchase
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What’s up y’all? So I am at a house right now in Beebe, Arkansas. I am actually buying this property today. Going to close on it, I think around 10 o’clock today or whatever. So I was kind of doing my final walkthrough before I put down the money.

So anyways, so we are here. The place where we’re at, it’s right by the interstate. I think it’d be a great rental. We’re going to kind of go for a not over the top kind of rehab, but we’re going to kind of go on the upper-mid, if that kind of makes sense. My plan is if I can rent this thing out, make a couple hundred bucks a month or whatever on it, great. If not, then we’ll kind of see what the market kind of does. And then I can make something on the flip. Actually, I say that… I might actually try and flip it first. See if I can even go to the off bit first, see if I got any good offers out there. If I don’t, then I’ll just kind of place a tenant in it and just kind of rock on.

Obviously with interest rates changing and stuff like that, it could be a different picture in about three or four months. So we’re going to try and get this done in about four is what I’m thinking. So by the time it gets on the market, everything else like that, closing; it’s around five, so it’s around the holiday season. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing.

But anyway, so we’re going to kind of show you what’s up. Here we go. So we’re going to do this walkthrough. We are coming in the front door. I absolutely hate this wall. So as soon as you come in right there, you can kind of see, there’s this wall right there. I really want to take that out, but it’s going to absolutely blow my numbers up if I do that. So I thought about just kind of widen this out a little bit, right there. Just kind of making it a little bit bigger. We’re going to get rid of all these old school beams and stuff like that, so it’ll be just kind of open right there.

Of course we’re going to be painting everything. So everything’s going to look a whole lot cleaner. But for that right there, it just bothers the crap out of me. And I know it probably doesn’t need to, because somebody’s probably going to put a couch right on the other side of this, but geez. It just bothers the crap on me. But if you could open that up, this would be a huge area right here. So anyways, but yeah.

So coming in here in the kitchen. We are getting rid of all that cabinetry and this little top shelf up here too. I don’t know what the heck they were doing. They brought the ceilings down and you can see the ceiling up there. So I don’t know why they did that. So the plan is we’re just going to get rid of all this. So that way it opens it up more, makes it look taller, everything else like that. Just kind of matches this ceiling right here. We’ll just kind of have a drop down ventahood right there. Kind of keep everything the same. We might add another little cabinet right here in the corner. Just kind of wrapping just a little bit, but that’s about it, kind of keeping it the same layout here.

We’ll just go in here first. We’re going to keep that door out there. But the washer and dryer area, kind of got some cabinetry and stuff like that for pantry stuff. You got a new water heater, so yeah, that’s awesome.

But anyways, kind of coming in here, we got a large garage, so you can see we’re going to redo the garage. We’re debating on taking down that paneling or not. I don’t know if it’s worth it. We’re debating if we’re going to rip that down or just paint it. Don’t know yet, but we’re going to kind of see how it is. But you can see, it kind of opens up back here on this backside right there. So you could kind of get a little bench in there or something like that and kind of have a little tool area or whatever it may be, a little workshop area. Yeah. I’ll sell you that fridge too.

Anyways. So coming through here, and through here, back through, we’ll start on the master. So here’s the master. Kind of comes around. Like I said, we’re going to get rid of all this little paneling that kind of goes around. In here, we’re going to replace the countertops right here. But yeah, we’re going to just replace the countertops. We’re not going back with granite. We’ll probably just do some laminate or something like that. I don’t know yet. Pretty good master closet. Toilet. Just kind of new fixtures, stuff like that. Everything’s pretty well in decent shape, but yeah, large master for sure.

As you can see, you can really see it right here. You can see that wall that bothers me right there. And then it kind of comes in here into the living room and then essentially comes then into a big sunroom in here. So the sunroom, man, it’s got a lot of good potential. Honestly, if we were going to go real high end, we could just blow out this wall and just have a gigantic living room then.

That would be ideal. But just with where we’re getting it at, where we think the comps are at, it’s just honestly not worth it to be honest with you. So it’s just you got to find the best bang for your buck.

But anyways, front door, coming in here. Got this sweet room right here. This thing is ready to go. I like this right here. But yeah. so just updating some stuff in here. Not a lot of work. Same thing with the community bath, just kind of putting new fixtures in. We might have to change out that little sinks and toilets and stuff like that too, as well. Mirrors. But yeah, just lighting. And same thing in here. It’s a pretty good size room too, as well on the front of the house.

But yeah, it’s all nice. It’s mostly going to be a lot of just updating, updating, updating. It just needs some love. A good coat of paint, updates some lighting, put fresh new floors in here, this place is going to look really nice.

Coming in here in the backyard, they obviously had a green thumb is what they did, because they had plants on plants on plants. The realtor that brought me this, she has a green thumb and she has gotten a lot of these plants out of here. But as you can see, there is still a ton of different stuff. There’s a little shed back here in the back too as well. It’s just basic in there. It’s kind of basically a strip, so there’s not really much in there.

So another cool thing got a generator out here. So a generator will kick on if the power ever loses or goes out. And it’s also got… Solar panels is what it’s got too as well. So the question is with that, obviously, if I flip it, it’s going to help out the new homeowner with the solar panels. But if I rent it, what do I do then? Do I just pay for the electric bill, which I absolutely hate that idea because if you start paying for electric bills, you’re going to have people just keeping the doors open, running the AC, doing whatever, just being stupid because it doesn’t matter to you.

So I don’t know really what I’m going to do right there. We’ll cross that bridge whenever I get in. I’m going to try not stress about it too much right now. That’s just kind of… I don’t know. But if I could flip it out, I think it’ll be good value to somebody because that generator and solar panels I think was right at, I think like $25-$30,000, when’s all said and done, but anyways is what it is, but we’ll cross that road later.

So Cory Cox. Clear Property Management, we do remodels, stuff like that for investors. We also do specialize in property management. If you need anything, holler at us. See ya!

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