Initial Walkthrough of Benton Rental

Initial Walkthrough of Benton Rental

Hey, it’s Cory Cox with Clear Property Management. We are at 1304 Oxford Avenue in Benton. This is a house that one of our investors from out of state just bought not too long ago. I’m coming in here and kind of doing the walkthrough of it just to basically see what all we need to get it ready. This looks to be in pretty good shape. It’s a real nice house. I forget what the neighborhood is on this, but it’s kind of on the outskirts of Benton what I would consider. It’s a real established neighborhood. Anyways, basically where you’re at, you’re upstairs right now. You come upstairs as soon as you come up here. It’s a four bedroom, little shared bath. Little bedroom right here. This is kinda like a little common area, so you could make this like a little playroom if you wanted to or another little secondary living room. Just whatever. This is a third bedroom and here’s the master.

It’s got his and hers vanities, which is a little different than what I’m used to kind of seeing. Usually you kind of see it all over the place, but you can tell it’s got his and her vanities that are back to back and I really like that. Good little design right there. Still got a huge master closet. All the bedrooms are upstairs and I know that’s kind of a deterrent to some people if they don’t like going upstairs like if they’re older or just can’t get around. Here’s your main living room. Pretty good size. Got a little kitchen area right here. Got your laundry room. We’re gonna have to get that washer and dryer replaced. And then you kind of got your formal dining room right here. That’s really about it. Backyard really ain’t that big. I love this little day bed out here. I think that’s what you call it.

But yeah, it should be a pretty nice place. But like I said, we are going to get this rent ready and I make a list of repairs that I find that are needed to be addressed before tenants come in here. I will push this list out to the owner and they will either approve, deny, change, modify, whatever it may be from that list. As soon as they make those changes, they let me know back and then I start getting crews ready. We usually try and turn these over as quick as possible. A house like this that’s pretty well good to go, we would probably hope to have this up in probably a couple weeks. Right now it’s really tough or it’s not tough, it’s just different with it being the holiday season and not a lot of people move and stuff like that. It’s kind of a slow time. But we like to try and get this thing out as quick as possible so we can get tenants in here and start cash flowing for our investors. If you got any questions about property management needs in Benton, Arkansas then give me a call.

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