The Pros and Cons of Hiring An Agent To Sell Your House in Conway

The Pros and Cons of Hiring An Agent To Sell Your House in Conway

Not every home is well suited for the traditional listing process, and not every seller has the option of waiting for a buyer. Unfortunately, listing as an FSBO doesn’t tend to work in favor of sellers. Statistics show that using FSBO will take longer to sell for less profit, and most often, these sellers move the listing to an agent when they aren’t able to navigate the home selling process. So, read on as we explore the pros and cons of hiring an agent to sell your house in Conway.



More often than not, sellers are hiring an agent to sell your house in Conway because they’ll list your home on MLS and have professional marketing skills, bringing qualified buyers. Today’s highly competitive market moves at lightning speed under the fingertips of homebuyers online, so agents also employ professional drone videographers and photographers to help your listing stand out from the competition. In addition, they’ll schedule the showings and present your home in its best light, typically utilizing the skills of professional home stagers if needed.

Paperwork and Deadlines

Additionally, agents hired to sell your house in Conway handle the legalities of paperwork because sellers want to avoid missteps that could cause this legal issues down the road. So it’s comforting to know they’ll make sure to meet any deadlines and is staying on top of the details of a highly complex transaction with lots of moving parts. Agents will schedule the inspection and the appraisal and work with a network of professionals to bring your deal to a close.

Buyer Buffer

Agents act as a buffer between sellers and buyers. Buyers can make thoughtless comments during showings that could easily insult sellers. Sellers may accidentally reveal information to buyers, giving them an advantage in negotiations. Agents hired to sell your house in Conway negotiate the numbers on your behalf to represent you and your home in the best possible return possible.



An agent hired to sell your house in Conway should take the lead. You aren’t getting what you’re paying commissions for if they do things your way. There is power in the asking price; listing with the right price from the start offers the best advantage to the seller. An agent allowing you to set the price based on the emotional valuation of your home does not give you the advantage. They’ll still get paid after waiting you out and then advise lowering the price when it doesn’t sell—however, the number of days listed on the market matters to potential buyers. Homes with more days on the market sell at lower final sales prices because they know the seller is ready to unload the property. Professional home buyers like those at Clear Property Management LLC offer sellers the advantage of making an educated decision about what works best for them. The professional home buyers at Clear Property Management LLC provide you with the full details on the value of your home, how much you would profit from listing vs. a direct sale to Clear Property Management LLC, and how we reached our offer, which you’ll agree is fair. 

Expenses Pre Sale

One expense of listing that many sellers overlook is the cost to hold the property while it’s listed, which depletes your profits. In addition, before your home is listed, you’ll be spending money, time, and energy to prep and make repairs and jump through hoops to keep your home spotless for showings. Finally, the marketing expenses also fall on your shoulders when hiring an agent to sell your house in Conway. These expenses include fees for all professionals involved in the listing process. And, if your agent hires a professional stager, you’ll likely pay storage expenses for the extra belongings that you clear from your home. In addition, dependent upon the buyer’s contract or the lender’s requirements for the deal to be approved, you may spend thousands on additional needed repairs. Professional home buyers like those at Clear Property Management LLC buy homes in as-is condition for cash, so you’ll have no showings or photographers to worry about prepping for, which means no pre-sale expenses.

Closing Payouts

You’ll pay for the closing when you hire an agent to sell your house in Conway; closing fees typically average 2 to 7 percent of the purchase price. These fees are deducted from your final payout as commissions or broker fees, closing or escrow fees, transfer taxes on the sale, title insurance, and prorated property taxes, HOA or attorney fees, if applicable, or agreed to fees on behalf of your buyer to secure the deal. On the other hand, with a direct sale to a professional home buyer like those at Clear Property Management LLC, you’ll pay zero closing costs and set your guaranteed closing date for the day most convenient for your move. We often close within a few weeks or less and never charge commissions or hidden fees.

The professional home buyers at Clear Property Management LLC offer an alternative for you to sell your house in Conway. To help you understand all of the advantages a professional home buyer brings to the table, why not talk to one of our seasoned experts and learn more. Call Clear Property Management LLC at 501-642-0202.

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